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David W. Smith, Sr.

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I felt that I should comment on my experience with buying a home in the Stonebridge addition in Deer Valley. My first experience was when my son bought the house from you approximately 3 yrs. ago, two years after he bought the house on Fieldstone Ct. he had some issues with drywall cracking in some closets [and] drywall nails back out through drywall tape in the foyer & living room. He called me & I told him to call whatever number he has in his Jagoe [home owner’s manual] that he received from you all at the walk through or whenever he received it. He did, 2 or 3 times, and nothing happened. I told him to call or text Cheryl Judd. He did & the next day 2 guys came & fixed everything. I had never bought a brand new home until now. The day we came out to look, Joanne Tilford took us around to show us the all ready built homes. She is very sweet & knows what you all have to offer. The next day,. Joanne was off & that’s when we met Mary Elliott, which from the get go, I have never met anyone as knowledgeable about about all of the homes & what is offered. You & I know at the end of the decision to go, Mary Elliott is like the President of a bank. Through our process [and] financing, Mary Elliott knows more on the how to than the financial people themselves. Mary stayed on top of everything all the way through. it was great to see Cheryl Judd at our walk through. Such a professional, including your Superintendent Tony. I felt compelled to reaffirm what a group of professional employees [Jagoe Homes] has. We are happy to be coming home to JAGOE. Thanks to you & a great team.