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Norman & Susan Nelson

To Bobbi Jo:

This is Norm & Sue Nelson finally getting back to u about our home building experience.
We have lived in a few older homes these past 50yrs. but never experienced building one. I know I was a little apprehensive at first, even though I fell in love with nearly every home design here in Oak Park.
I have to say that we felt so comfortable w/ you as you guided us through the process of making decisions- both big and small. Your patience was very much appreciated!
Once all decisions were made, the building process seemed to go quickly.
As nothing is perfect in life, we had a few minor issues when we moved in but they were quickly resolved. All in all, it was a pretty pleasant experience.
Also we’d like Jagoe to know that they have a valuable employee in you!

Newburgh, IN

Stephanie & Fred Tatum

We wanted to let you know what a great experience it’s been building with Shane and Jagoe Homes. Everyone has been extremely nice, from our first meeting with you to all of our visits to our home during construction (all of the workers have been really friendly and helpful). David Lanham is a super nice guy who answered every question I’ve had and was always friendly and helpful. Our orientation with Cheryl Judd was so easy! She was just wonderful and I’m glad that’s who we’ll be going through whenever we need service. She really knows her stuff! Thank you for making this experience so great for our family. We’re very excited about moving into our Brand New Energy Star Jagoe Home and will recommend you to everyone!

Owensboro, KY

Lucas Porter

I’d be happy to provide feedback. Overall, my purchasing experience was a pleasant one. Chad and Debbie were very helpful and kind. I had no doubt that they had my best interests in mind. They were very responsive to questions and if they didn’t know how to respond to my questions, they would find someone who could help me.

In regards to the building process, I was EXTREMELY pleased. The timeline ran smoothly and thanks to Chad and Debbie I was notified of changes and progress quickly. The contracted workers were very polite and allowed me to view the home in all stages of the building process. I will say one area of concern is that prior to the laying down of my sod, I frequently found building material laying around in the yard that could be hazardous (metal pieces, etc.). At some point in the building process, one of the windows fell out and broke, leaving glass shards in the side yard. I would visit the home site weekly and was disappointed that the pieces of broken glass were never cleaned up and disposed of. Even up to the final home inspection, the glass shards were not cleaned up and some had become partially buried over time, creating a hazard. I brought this to the attention of the people in charge of the final home inspection and although they stated they cleaned up the glass, I was still picking up glass shards in my yard until my side and back yard sod was put in.

Owensboro, KY

Brad Stemle

“Everything went pretty well. I really enjoyed working with Shawna and Mary in the start of the home building process. Thanks.”

Owensboro, KY

Trish Kleber

I thought the process was very good.  From selecting my home floor plan to choosing my design options.

Toney and Jason are wonderful to work with.  Anytime  I had a question or concern – it was addressed immediately. 

I’d like to note your quick follow up on those couple issues with HVAC/Water system in basement – very good.

The social events planned each month is a great idea to get both existing and future neighbors acquainted. 

If I had to do this over again, I would only make a couple changes.

1)      Get different windows – I honestly didn’t understand what single hung meant.  All I knew was the top did not tilt down.  I never imagined they would not slide down.

2)      I would put my main cable connection in the closet.  Lots of  hardware to hind.  Super easy fix.

Looking forward to spending many years in Glenmary Commons.

Louisville, KY

Steve & Patty Miller

We want to thank Shane for helping us build our brand new dream home. If it had not been for your patience and understanding and your willingness to alter an existing floor plan, we would have not been able to build with you. We’ve been looking for years and years, and are so happy with our new Jagoe Home. We love our neighbors and glad we chose The Parks. Cheryl, Roger and Mac have been wonderful to work with. We really appreciate them and their efforts to treat our home as if it were their own. We don’t think we would have found that with any other builder. Thanks for everything!

Owensboro, KY

Don & Kim Horvath

Don and I would both like you to know how much we appreciate the two gentlemen who do warranty service, not only do we feel they are knowledgeable, but courteous. They take the time necessary to make sure to explain processes. They both displayed extreme professionalism, that is a sure asset to Jagoe Homes, they put the fact in “It is the service after the sale that counts.”

Newburgh, IN


Hello Everyone! I just wanted to let each and everyone of you know how thankful I am for you all. For putting up with me and all my questions..lol. Really though from the bottom of my heart thank you for making are dream home a reality. We love it so much and wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for you all!

Owensboro, KY

Patricia Meyer

I just wanted to let Audra Fox know that I am so happy in my new Jagoe home. She helped me from start to finish with the whole process. It was a lot of fun picking out all the beautiful things that I decided to use in the new home. I love the community & people are very nice & friendly. I also appreciate the prompt service from Cheryl Judd whenever there is a slight issue. Thank you for everything!

Evansville, IN

Randall & Shelley Baker

We are very satisfied with our home. Any time we have had an issue Jagoe has helped us. That is very important to have that support.

Huntingburg, IN

Scott and Marilyn McMurtry

We were pleased with the building of our home. The Jagoe staff was knowledgeable and helpful with planning the layout of our home. We were very happy with the weekly updates and pictures. The only suggestion on improvement is that we noticed some of our neighbors took advantage of getting a larger garage. If we were aware that garages could have been larger we would have taken advantage of our house plan permitted. Other than that our house building experience with Jagoe was great. We could not be happier.

Evansville, IN

Amy Harris

We really enjoyed working with Mary in Deer Valley. She helped us pick the right home for our family. She really earned our trust by way of good advice, answering our questions, and talking us through the purchase of our first home. We had an excellent experience. If we ever “upgrade” I do not see why we would not go with a Jagoe Home again.

Owensboro, KY

LaToya Lindsey

I have been in my home almost 2 months now and I fall in love with it more everyday. Thank you so much Audra, Dana, and Scott for all you did to help make buying as easy as possible. I would definitely recommend Jagoe Homes to anyone I know looking to buy/build. You guys are AMAZING!!!

Creekside Meadows, Evansville, IN

Steven & Cheryl Camp

My husband and I wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciated Terry and Jamie. They both were so caring and thoughtful towards us. Most of all they were hard workers and wanted our Jagoe Home to be everything we could ever dream of. They became family to us, because we felt they truly cared about our concerns. We feel family built our home! I just referred another couple to Dana and if they buy it will be #6, I helped sell. Thanks for having such great people working for you! We love our Jagoe Home but more than that….we love the great Jagoe people we have met in this journey!!! I can truly say, “Welcome Home” to my Jagoe home!

Evansville, IN

David W. Smith, Sr.

I felt that I should comment on my experience with buying a home in the Stonebridge addition in Deer Valley. My first experience was when my son bought the house from you approximately 3 yrs. ago, two years after he bought the house on Fieldstone Ct. he had some issues with drywall cracking in some closets [and] drywall nails back out through drywall tape in the foyer & living room. He called me & I told him to call whatever number he has in his Jagoe [home owner’s manual] that he received from you all at the walk through or whenever he received it. He did, 2 or 3 times, and nothing happened. I told him to call or text Cheryl Judd. He did & the next day 2 guys came & fixed everything. I had never bought a brand new home until now. The day we came out to look, Joanne Tilford took us around to show us the all ready built homes. She is very sweet & knows what you all have to offer. The next day,. Joanne was off & that’s when we met Mary Elliott, which from the get go, I have never met anyone as knowledgeable about about all of the homes & what is offered. You & I know at the end of the decision to go, Mary Elliott is like the President of a bank. Through our process [and] financing, Mary Elliott knows more on the how to than the financial people themselves. Mary stayed on top of everything all the way through. it was great to see Cheryl Judd at our walk through. Such a professional, including your Superintendent Tony. I felt compelled to reaffirm what a group of professional employees [Jagoe Homes] has. We are happy to be coming home to JAGOE. Thanks to you & a great team.

Utica, KY

Judi & Jerry Cornell

Jagoes is a good company. This is my third house that Jagoe has built for me.  From the beginning with Kerri and throughout the whole process has been good.  The only issue is the yard not being sodded.  We have a little dog and it is difficult with her.  But all in all… I like Jagoes and would highly recommend them to any one looking to build a home.

Owensboro, KY

Mike & Natalie Marcelak

We loved everything about it. Honestly, it was daunting and something we didn’t think we could take on. Laura made the process so easy and overcommunicated everything. I mean that in a good way. There were no surprises and everything went smooth once the build was underway. It was even finished a month ahead of schedule. Really the only thing that made things slightly difficult was meeting on the north side for appointments but Laura was more than flexible with us. The process was great and I can’t think of anything that needed improvements.

Evansville, IN

Andy & Stacy Collins

We love our new home and couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process. Everyone was very professional and addressed any concern we had throughout the process. We will definitely be looking to Jagoe when it comes time to upgrade to our next home.
Newburgh, IN

Shawn & Megan Zuber

We both really appreciate the patience you had with us during the process.  I know we ask A LOT of questions. This has been by far the best experience we have had with building a house.

Newburgh, IN

Chad & Caylan McPherson

We overall we enjoyed the experience. The thing that wast most helpful for us was the orientation the week we closed. Help understanding our appliances, etc was very helpful. We certainly would have messed up the maintenance of everything without that.

One thing that was a little difficult/confusing to us was setting up utilities, etc. It was somewhat unclear to us what providers were available in the area and the timeline we should have been looking at to move these items. However, I will say Bobbi Jo did provide me with a list that was helpful.

Hope this is somewhat helpful. We have more good things to say than bad. we were pleased.

Newburgh, IN

Hannah & Travis White

I actually fell in love with the Cumberland (the in between of the patriot and I think Vangough) It seems perfect for us but is out of price range at the moment, actually really broke my heart for the rest of the night!  It was still great to learn more about the process and kind of get an idea at what we need to save for if we decide to go this route!

Debbie and Chad were amazing, didn’t seem pushy at all and took the time to walk through the numbers with us on a couple different options! I would definitely recommend them and Jagoe. I also greatly appreciate your help as well. I hope this is something my family can jump back into in the next year or so and if we can I’ll be sure to get in touch!

Owensboro, KY

Jennifer Richardson

Our experience to date has been fantastic. Everyone has been quick to respond, helpful, patient, and a joy to partner with on our purchase.

Louisville, KY

Ray & Paula Weil

We bought/built a Jagoe home in the Cayman Ridge subdivision.  We closed in mid-November [2016] and moved in immediately.

I just want you to know how happy my wife and I are with our new home.  From the very beginning with your sales staff of Audra Fox and Rachael Bacon, the level of help we received was great.  Then as we moved through the process of construction of the house, all of the contractors who worked on our house were very professional, accommodating, and good at their trade.  I was able to visit the site daily and sometimes even twice a day when the activity was busy.  Although it seemed like forever before ground breaking (because, of course, we were very excited to see progress begin), once started, it was simply amazing how quickly the house went up.

I’m writing today because all too often, we fail to take the time to thank someone for a job well done.  Sometimes in business, it seems like we only hear the complaints.  That’s why I wanted to reach out today to just say thanks.

Again, many thanks for building our home.  We love it and we are highly recommending Jagoe Homes to anyone and everyone!!

Evansville, IN

Adam & Annie Dilbeck

We couldn’t have been more pleased with everything.  We have one house that we would still be interested in seeing.  Lauren informed us she should have one completed and able for viewing in a couple more months and that she would contact then.
They were so helpful, answered all our questions and even helped up come up with more questions.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking into a Jagoe home.
Thank you for all you have done for us.  You all have us super excited about our future and making our dreams become a reality.
Evansville, IN

Penny & Ike Davidson

I just returned to work today after a week or so in my Brand New Jagoe Home, located in Majestic Woods. I tell everyone I went to “Majestic Woods” on my vacation! We so love it there. The closing couldn’t have been any better. I will scan and send you the picture our 12 yr old daughter Hannah took outside the model home just after our closing. We are so very happy! Praise God, from whom all blessings flow. And, what a pleasure to have worked with the Jagoe Team. You made it all seem so easy.

LaGrange, KY

Justin McClure

We loved the meeting and walk-thru.  Also, the manual with all the information we needed will continue to be very helpful.  We have had a few issues with the house but that is to be expected and all of our concerns have been met with courteous and timely service.  Thank you for a great experience so far!

Bowling Green, KY

John Bixby

5-stars, for the simple fact that without our consultant, Jason Claus, we wouldn’t have probably gone with Jagoe Homes. He was amazing and made the entire process painless for us. We should see ground moving in a few weeks, and we are so thankful to have had the pleasure of having Jason as our consultant. As far as Jagoe as a whole, they have an ample selection of options to customize your home, and while not the cheapest, I feel like we were able to get pretty much everything we wanted within reason. So far the process has been fun and we are looking forward to moving in to our home by the end of the year.

Evansville, IN

Ron and Michelle Bayus

We are really excited to be in our new home in Huntingburg. Sarah, Daniel, and Mike have all been great to work with, a very professional and customer centric team.

Huntingburg, IN

Aymen N. Mandil

Our visit went great! Jody is a great asset to your team, he was super friendly, open, and honest about the process and offered personalized recommendations for what we are looking for.
We are excited to work with Jagoe Homes and figure out what our options are! Only challenge we are currently having is we aren’t too sure about the Vining Area and the Magnolia area we don’t have enough information to discuss if it’s an option or not. I would love to receive more info about Magnolia to be able to discuss pros and cons with my family.
Last information I left with Jody is we might find a piece of land and explore our options then. We are interested in closing and moving within 3 to 6 months, that’s our realistic time frame.
Bowling Green, KY

Kevin Willis

I really like the new home and the neighborhood
I use the exercise room in the clubhouse about 3 times a week and really like the walking path
Mary and Shawna are great and Jagoe does a great job of keeping the noise down until later in the day on the weekends
My friends like the house and the clubhouse
I will drop by and see you all from time to time
Owensboro, KY

Mandy & Timothy Grisham

Cheryl Judd was so nice and informative. She made sure everything was done, and the things that weren’t, she took care of within that week.

Evansville, IN

Tim ONan

Jagoe, Mark, and the rest of the staff we interacted with were professional and excellent to deal with. I believe that they were reasonable for what the market was offering at the point of purchase and I haven’t found anything that leads me to believe this home won’t be ours and in good repair for a long time. Thanks Jagoe!

Bowling Green, KY

Wayne & Teresa Mullins

Thank you, my wife and I really love our house. Everyone has been very helpful and great to work with. Thanks again and we would recommend a Jagoe home to anyone.

Evansville, IN

Lawrence & Shannon Wood

Bruce was very nice and knowledgeable during our loan process. It felt great to be able to trust that he was looking out for our best interest. I would feel very comfortable calling Bruce about any questions or using him for a loan officer again. I would highly recommend him!

Owensboro, KY

Linda Whae & Patricia Sanders

The selling team that you have at Stonecreek in our opinion is second to none. Their professional qualities complement each other and create a win-win solution. Patty and I both will highly recommend Jagoe Homes to anyone who is searching for a home. In return, we hope that you will also commend your Sales Team for a job well done, for it was their demeanor that sold us on Jagoe Homes.

Evansville, IN

Jerry & Nancy Dalton

Our experience was worry free.  All aspects went according to schedule.  Nancy and I are very pleased with the results.

Owensboro, KY

Joy Raymond, Realtor, L Steve Castlen Realtors

I have truly enjoyed working with Jagoe. The process is seamless. It has been a team effort and I feel like I have been included and kept in the loop from the beginning. I look forward to many more opportunities to team up with Shawna and Debra!

Owensboro, KY

David Bunch & Jeanie Hadden

Everything was great for us. We really enjoyed working with Debbie and Chad. They are both great people to work with. They helped us out with any question that we had in a very timely manner and did a great job helping us pick everything out!!!

Our home is everything that we could have wanted.

After the house was finished. I had to call Bernie a few times. He is always helpful and great to work with. Tony Collins was the guy who did our last inspection before we closed. There were still a few things that were not fixed. This guy when out of his way to make everything just the way we wanted them. He did all the work himself by the time we had gotten back from closing everything was done. Tony really went out of his way to make us happy. Please thank him for us.

Owensboro, KY

Doug Brown

Great experience, you guys have been

Helpful at every turn. Karol was great!
Newburgh, IN

Homer Harnage

As a Home Inspector I must say that I have inspected your homes in multiple counties and your attention to detail is great. I recently inspected a home you even took in on trade and you guys went way above the call of duty to insure that the repairs were made. You even installed some new flooring in the bathrooms to freshen things up. GREAT JOB JAGOE!!!!

Home Inspector

Andrea Davis

My husband and I just built our first Jagoe home. We were very pleased with the process and the people we worked with. Mary Figgins was our new home consultant and she was wonderful to work with! She was always able to answer our questions or at least get the right person involved if there was a problem. She was always very pleasant to work with and knowledgable about Jagoe’s offerings/procedures. We would highly recommend working with Mary to anyone. We love our new home!

Evansville, IN

Kevin Roberts

It was wonderful! We love our home.

Owensboro, KY

Linda O’Bryan

This is my fourth Jagoe home. Three of them were built new, and one was already built. I am extremely happy with my experience. Mary Elliott, who was the sales person I went through, was very, very helpful.  I would recommend Jagoe to anyone.

Utica, KY

Uditha Wijesuriya

We moved into our new home in May 2017. It is very beautiful and located in a very calm neighborhood. Rachael and Audra provided fullest support in every phase of the process — lot selection, color selection and signing of the final agreement. They also showed different model homes and a few other Jagoe-built homes in different neighborhoods to choose the best fit for us. It took only half of the projected time to construct the home. Ronnie, the supervisor of the site, also helped to meet our expectations. We appreciate you all. We recommend Jagoe homes for those who need to make their dream come true.

Evansville, IN

Nick & Jennifer Schutzius

We were very happy with the way the home turned out. Bobbie jo, did a masterful job with us, specing out the house and working with us during the whole process. The inspector or what ever his position is, met with us and went over important details and had things marked that needed attention. People who have visited us really like the lay out. I think we will be very happy here. Oh and the person who we contact Incase there are any issues has been very responsive for us. Keep up the great work ,we will highly recommend jagoe.

Newburgh, IN

JoAnn Mayhugh – ERA

Thank you so very much and I always love working with Jagoe Homes. Great builders and wonderful with buyers. Dana Bugg is a real pro and makes everyone feel so at ease. If there is ever an issue Dana is right on top of everything.

Evansville, IN

Ken & Victoria Snarr

We are very happy with our new home. We appreciate the detail you go into at delivery. The book with the construction details is very nice. Thanks, Ken Snarr.

Bowling Green, KY

Terry Marsh & Lisa Allen

Couldn’t be happier with my experience with JAGOE. From start to finish, everyone always strived to fix any concerns or answer any and all questions, trivial or otherwise.
We ended up purchasing a market home that was in the early drywall stage. We stuck with the original plans , color scheme, finishes….etc. So I can’t address those areas of the process.
The actual purchase, finance, final finish etc, all were a very smooth process. Would definitely do more business with Jagoe if my future holds any upgrades or downgrades in home size/square footage.
Enjoy the new home!
Best Wishes to You and Jagoe…
Evansville, IN

Shirley Powers

My most enjoyable experience was the ‘girlship.’ We became the ‘fearsome foursome’ going through all of the selections and setting up the new house because my NEW HOME experience was a little different than most. My home had burned, leaving myself and six grandchildren that I am raising homeless, which was a devastating experience. When you lose everything it makes for a hard time, but Dana, Rachel, and Audra made me feel like I was special and threw in lots of information I possibly would have overlooked under the circumstances without their help and support. You have a great team there. The Amish who came and framed my home were amazing. The electrician, the heating and air men, and those wonderful painters need to be praised, they all do their jobs well and very courteously.

All in all, I LOVE MY JAGOE HOME!!!

Evansville, IN


My wife, Marianne, and I took over ownership of our new home in the Enclave at Eagle Cliff. After waiting thru what seemed like eternity in getting the building of our home started,we are so pleased to say the wait was well worth it. So much of the credit for our willingness to hang in there during the wait, was Dana Bugg. She remained positive thru the whole situation and assured us things would eventually work out. She was very understanding of our disgust of how things were progressing at times but was always there to answer our questions. Dana is to be commended for her dedication to both her job and her clients as well. I imagine we will be friends from now on; she is a real trooper.

Evansville, IN

Randy Cox

I was hesitant to build a home 600 miles from where I live, knowing I wouldn’t be there to follow the work, but the entire team at Jagoe made it so easy. They were great from the initial design work, revisions to a floor plan, and site work that had to be done to make this home possible. The framing crew was amazing, and all the finishes were top notch. I would highly recommend Jagoe to anyone considering building a new home. Mike, the construction superintendent was simply great!

Santa Clause, IN

Matthew & Sarah Lutz

Sarah and I cannot be happier with our experience. Even if I were trying to be nit picky, I can’t come up with anything I’d suggest changing in the process. By far, the most valuable components were the people we worked with. An amazing team. Please thank Craig, Dana, Ronnie, and Mary for us (I see Jason quite a bit and already thanked him a number of times). Also, please thank the folks at headquarters that I never got to meet in person. We have a beautiful, will built home. Jagoe has been a blessing.

Evansville, IN

Kimberly & Theo Akai

I think the process was extremely enjoyable and everything went smoothly. We are so happy and enjoying our home. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with and are so excited to be in our home for years to come! Thank you all for this opportunity.

Evansville, IN

Craig Schwenker & Miranda Eldridge

We had a great purchase experience. Mark was a very good part of our experience. He was very informative and very helpful with all of our many questions. We truly are grateful.

Bowling Green, KY

William D. Taylor

Your Sales Team are the the kind of employees every business should have. Their knowledge and honest concern is the reason we have referred five people to Jagoe Homes.

Louisville, KY

Randy & Faye Baker

I am so glad we decided to build a Jagoe Home. We looked at existing houses on the market and they were not move in ready. We wanted something we did not have to pour money into.

We are very satisfied with our new Jagoe home. It is just what we were looking for.
Everyone we have dealt with is an asset to the Jagoe company. I am so glad we had the opportunity to build with Jagoe.
Huntingburg, IN

Joshua & Amy Schendel

We really enjoyed working with Mary. She helped us pick the right house for our family. She really earned our trust by way of good advice, answering our questions, and talking us through the purchase of our first home. We had an excellent experience. If we ever “upgrade” I do not see why we would not go with a Jagoe home again.

Utica, KY

Melissa Martin

I absolutely loved my experience!!.. I have no complaints what so ever other than having to wait an additional year for the water line issue to get resolved. But I am truly happy with the way everything went and how professional everyone was. What a wonderful company Jagoe is. I have a beautiful home thanks to Jagoe. Thanks!!

Evansville, IN

Vicki Willis

I love my new home. It is very comfortable and energy efficient. It was great for me that Jagoe Homes furnishes the lot with the home since lots are very difficult to find close to town. I feel safe in the neighborhood and have nice neighbors.

Newburgh, IN

Ron & Romona Smith

All of the people from your organization have been professional and informative during the whole building process. Thanks again for a lovely new home and we have already recommended Jagoe Homes to friends at church.

Newburgh, IN

Sabino Humbane

I have built two house with Jagoe (2015 and 2017) and had the best experience both times. I can’t get over the speed at which they build their homes and the quality of the finished product. We love both our homes and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Jagoe and all the staff for the great houses that you build for us. For those who are considering Jagoe but have not looked at the new homes Jagoe builds today in comparison to their 15 to 20 year old builds please take the time to see the quality of homes that Jagoe is building today. I was blown away when I toured their model homes and knew right away that I was going to pick them to build me both homes. I will invite anyone to call me with any questions: 812-760-6027.

Evansville, IN

Edwina Lee

I was very impressed with the willingness to help me make my decision. You all were very friendly to my kids and I when we wanted to see the model home. Thank you for all of the help, especially you Debra! I can’t think of anything you all could have done better.

Owensboro, KY

Gretchen Mahoney

Thank you very much! We absolutely love it in Deer Valley! We have bragged about it to all of our friends and family and have encouraged anyone looking to move to check out the neighborhood. Everyone with Jagoe has been so friendly and helpful, and we could not be happier. Moving into Deer Valley was one of the best decisions we have ever made! We would be more than happy to let anyone tour our house that would be interested. Thank you very much for checking on us, and please pass this information along to everyone else in the Jagoe, family.

Utica, KY

Wanda Wilson

Very professional, courteous, and friendly.

Louisville, KY

Raja Srivastava

My Experience With Jagoe Home Purchase
  1. My Experience – very good, excellent
  2. Quality of Workmanship – Excellent
  3. Timeliness – always on time
  4. Staff – staff presented themselves in a professional manner
  5. What I liked –
    1. your process of finalizing the contract before the construction begins
    2. updates to the buyer during construction including sharing pictures
    3. dedicated person for checking the house before delivery (great feeling)
    4. warranty period coverage, willingness to fix the deficiencies
  6. Improvements –
    1. House Number Plaque – House Number Plaque should be made a standard feature.  I think the neighborhood would look nice if there is a house number on each home.
    2. Exterior Color Combination  as a Package – for some buyers like me who have no sense of color combinations and may choose dull color combinations (like my home compared to the rest of the homes in the neighborhood that appear bright and standout), please include few exterior color combination packages in addition to your current method of full color selection of each component (it’s overwhelming).
    3. Computer Simulator of the home with the desired options.
Newburgh, IN

James & Maria Berry

You know my husband and I did a lot of research with different options for our housing needs.  We built a house around 19 years ago and it was not fun.  Jim wanted something that he did not have to deal with anything.

You guys were the right one.

The girls from the beginning always returned our phone calls.  When we had a little bump in the road with the bank you were patient until it all got figured out.

The building process went smooth and ran like a well-oiled machine.  The ONLY catch we had through this whole thing was the well drilling.  The one thing Jim and I had to take care of and you could tell they were not used to working with Jagoe and being on a time schedule.   That was literally the only frustrating thing we had to deal with.  But boy was it frustrating.

I have been nothing but pleased with the home.  Of course there are a few things that we want to be addressed when we gather our list.  Still a big circle in the living room ceiling where it looks like the dry wall got wet or something,  you can see the seam where the flooring meets.  These two things were addressed at our walk thru but I don’t think they were completely fixed.  There will always be a few things with a new house and I have full confidence you all will fix to satisfaction.

Evansville, IN

Scott & Jennifer Richardson

Our experience to date has been fantastic. Everyone has been quick to respond, helpful, patient, and a joy to partner with on our purchase.

Louisville, KY

Rachel Brown, Realtor, Tony Clark Realtors, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Jagoe Homes with my clients. Mary Elliott and Shawna Henderson do such a great job at communicating with the clients and their realtors about the home building process. They help the clients from the beginning to the end….never leaving them to figure things out alone. I love how Jagoe Homes is providing homes for every level of buyers in Owensboro. Thank you Jagoe Homes, Mary and Shawna for a job well done!

Owensboro, KY

Stephanie & Rick King

Cheryl, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the workers that came and worked on the nail pops, etc. on our house over Spring Break.  It has been the same 2 gentlemen each time we have had work done.  (A younger one and an older one).  They are so polite when they come and work, they do a great job and work VERY QUICKLY.  They always take off their shoes before they come in too.  I hope you can somehow get the message to them (or their boss!!) how much we appreciate their work ethic and diligence.
We truly love our home and couldn’t be more satisfied with it and everyone who works for them…including you!
Just wanted to say thanks again!!
Winslow, IN

Amanda & Mark Colburn

The meeting went very well. I think at first no one was sure of whether it would be worthwhile, because we were still so early in the process. Like this meeting was literally the second thing we’ve done other than attending a construction seminar with HFCU & Jagoe last fall (and browsing land/floor plans online.) But eventually we all opened up a little more and the meeting progressed. Being able to see the model home was helpful but Sheila also suggested that we contact her to go look at some models of the actual floor plans we’re considering, because you just can’t truly visualize it on paper. We will definitely be doing that soon.

At the construction seminar, I left with the impression that we could wait to sell our house until our new house was almost completed and still use it as the down payment — but now I know we have to sell the house first, which means we’d be displaced during the construction time. That’s unfortunate but we can make it work. I understand why it works that way though.

Lastly, we were pleasantly surprised by the construction time — around 120-150 days! I thought it would be closer to a year. So that’s nice at least, only having to get a 6-month lease while we’re displaced.

We will have some changes in finances happening over the next few months, but we definitely feel more equipped on how to start the process now… beginning with putting our house up for sale within the next year or so… and in the meantime we will contact Sheila to look at some of the 2-story floorplans that we like.

Newburgh, IN

Angela Hammond

Love our new home at Oak Park. Karol was incredible to work with and made the process of building a new home fun instead of stressful. It was amazing to see how quickly the house went up and everything came together. Everyone at Jagoe [that] I dealt with was friendly and knowledgeable. So glad to have chosen Jagoe and Oak Park. Thanks again Karol!

Newburgh, IN

Holly Beth & Chris Boeke

We had been looking for builders, and floor plans we liked… when we walked into the Buckingham model we looked at each other and said “this is it… this is OUR new home.” We met with Nathan, who is very well versed in what Jagoe does, how the process works, timelines, and expectations. We then met Dana Bugg. Dana is a great representative for Jagoe. She is professional, knowledgeable, honest, direct, and accommodating. Beyond that she is welcoming, reassuring, and helpful. Every time I texted or called her (which was A LOT) she was upbeat, went the extra mile, and always honest in her responses. From the site walk with Terry & Craig, meeting with the designer (who had fabulous ideas), Jamie, and all the crews used, we’ve been very pleased. On the other side of the new build now, Cheryl too has been competent, professional, and knowledgeable. The service technicians are professional, diligent, and go way beyond expectations. Many people drive by our new home and we receive many compliments. We are very pleased with our new Jagoe home and will gladly recommend you.

Evansville, IN

Whitney McGrew

The attractive part about [building with Jagoe Homes] is how simple the process is. We are learning that things can quickly get overwhelming when you start talking about building a home with a bank. We didn’t have those issues when we built our last home because we built with Jagoe. It was a one stop shop.

Evansville, IN

Nancy Roberts

I am enjoying my new home.  I will have to say that all Jagoe employees I have worked with were awesome.  I started with Mary Elliott.  She must work around the clock.  It didn’t matter what time I contacted her, she always responded.  I always brought my two daughters and granddaughters to the meetings we had for selection process, etc.  She has a bucket load of patience, or at least she did with me.  Mary always had a smile on her face and was so personable.  She’s the BEST!
Every employee I encountered was exceptionally nice, kind, professional and genuine.  I appreciated their attitudes since this process was a little overwhelming at times for me.  I was constantly informed with the next steps through this process through emails, text, etc.
On the final walk through day, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a walk through and we just talked while standing in the kitchen.  Once I went back into the house, I noticed several places where blue tape was still in the house and some places where there had been blue tape during Orientation, the tape was gone but the issue had not been resolved.  I sent an email to Cheryl and everything was resolved very quickly, however, that probably shouldn’t have happened.  Cheryl has been excellent to work with as well.  She is very thorough in her responses when I have questions.
I remember asking Bernie what type of shrubs were going to be planted outside of my house in a casual conversation.  I mentioned I loved flowering bushes.  Guess what, Bernie got me some small azaleas.  I was so happy.
The only disappointment I have is with the walls and floors. I do understand this has nothing to do with the purchasing experience which is what you asked.  However, my walls are so DELICATE!  I can brush up against a wall and it leaves a scuff mark.  My house is going to look rough within the first year.  I am not sure why the walls scuff so easy, but it is frustrating to constantly have to attempt to clean up scuff marks. Also, I selected the vinyl floor.  I love the look of the vinyl floor however, the floor is also delicate.  I am scared to run my vacuum across the floor traveling from one room to the next that an indenture is going to be made.  I wouldn’t even allow my sofa and loveseat to be set up until felt pads were on the legs the day I moved in because this was shared with me at Orientation.  Even with the felt pads, there was an indention on my floor within the first 2 days where the leg had a small plastic piece on it and wasn’t covered by the felt pads.  I am really shocked the walls and floors aren’t more durable.  I feel like I am having to tip toe through my house.
It is not my intent to sound like a complainer because I am very grateful to have worked and continue to work with awesome people at Jagoe.  You asked, so I took the time to respond honestly.   Thank you for allowing me to vent.   I am pleased with the house and the entire process. ( just disappointed  in the walls mostly and somewhat with the vinyl floors)   Anytime I asked about something, I got an answer very quickly.  You all were excellent to work with!  Thank you for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with me.  I would do it again.
Owensboro, KY

Jeff & Kelsey Perigo

Thank you so much! We are beyond thrilled to finally be in our new home! It’s been a long 9.5 month process from start to finish with selling our old home, getting married, living with in laws, and moving in! But we want you to know everyone has been great! Anytime we had a concern or question whomever we needed to contact was always helpful! Laura was great! Without her guidance, help and knowledge our home wouldn’t look like this 🙂 along with Tammy’s help! Tammy was super sweet kind and helpful!

Jermey was great! He fixed anything we needed fixed and was quick to reply to my texts.
We appreciate everyone’s fast and hard work! We’ll recommend  jagoe to family and friends!!! Thanks again and please pass the good words along!
Evansville, IN

Ron & Carla Dunaway

Debbie Kittinger,

I love my new Jagoe home, and I loved the whole experience.  From the time we walked into your office, until the time we moved into our new home was a great experience.  You and Chad were wonderful to us, even when we totally confused you and changed gears on you after all the work you put in to helping us plan our new home.  Your interest in wanting what the buyer wants is very evident, and your work towards making sure the buyer gets exactly what will make them happy is unbelievable.

I will certainly send anybody I know who is moving your way. Ron and I both have told everybody what a great experience we had with you all.  Jagoe’s whole process, and people like you and Chad, is very professional and organized.  I would not hesitate to recommend you and will notify you when the opportunity arises.

See you next week….didn’t even mention making such a great friend through the process as well 🙂

Owensboro, KY

Danny and Kristy Perkins

Danny and I love our new home in Bent Creek Subdivision in Henderson, KY. We chose the build on our own lot option. Mary Figgins was our consultant and she was so great to work with. We knew nothing about building a house and she walked us thru the process step-by-step and made it so simple. We take pride in knowing we picked out every aspect of our new home. We’ve been in our home for about 2 weeks and have said everyday how much we love our new home. Jagoe makes the process so simple which was just what we needed. We would recommend to anyone looking to build a new home to speak to Mary Figgins. She’s the best!

Henderson, KY

Belinda Adcock

Dear Jagoe Homes. Each morning as I’m feeding my four paws children, I turn on the news to Evansville WEHT 25 News. Your two last running commercials (summer and present) are so heartwarming I wanted you to know, the jingle allows me to recognize your commercials. Your commercials are so family friendly, good morals and gives you that warm fuzzy comfort feeling. 🙂 I thank you for WELL CONSTRUCTED, FAMILY commercials. It has been a 12 year dream of purchasing a home, maybe that is why I took more notice to your commercials than the average person. It August this year, I purchased my first home after a long 12 year goal. Being an avid animal lover and animal rescue person involved with our local no kill rescue in Madisonville, I also appreciate you putting animals in your commercials. Nothing like children and animals to make a great commercial along with a catchy jingle that can identify your company before even looking up to see Jagoe Homes playing. Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving-Merry Christmas.

Madisonville, KY

Stephanie King

Hi Cheryl, I just wanted to let you know that all of our repairs went very smoothly.  I also wanted to thank you for helping us get them done over our spring break from school.  EVERY SINGLE worker that came was so kind and helpful.  I just thought you might pass the word along that they all were doing a wonderful job!!  We love your company and wish we could do more to spread the word how great you all are!!
Newburgh, IN

Brittany Merle

We actually only briefly met with Karol, so we only worked with Cody. He was fantastic! He answered many of our questions and really tried to listen to us when it came to our needs/wants. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to build within the Jagoe community! We really appreciate all of his help.

Newburgh, IN

Charlie & Debbie Garrison

We are finally settled in and enjoying are new home. Jagoe did a great job.

Evansville, IN

Erica Lynn Phillips

It has been a great and wonderful experience working with Mary Figgins, I wouldn’t have wanted to build a house with anyone else!! You’ve made it all easy and possible. Thank you again for all your help!!

Evansville, IN

Danny Isaacs

The visit went great. Please express our thanks to Jody & Angel for their time, and willingness to help us understand the Jagoe process. The homes they currently had available didn’t work for us, but the process absolutely does. I’ve asked Angel to help us take a tour of a finished Spruce and Mulberry with a bonus. We really enjoyed the Jagoe process and look forward to working with you all as we try to figure this out moving forward.

Bowling Green, KY

Brian & April Wathen

We had a wonderful experience with our home building. Only a couple small details that we wasn’t completely satisfied with. I built a home with Jagoe back in 2001 in Heritage Park and it was much better experience this time around not that 2001 was bad. Ya made several improvements over the years. Would definitely build again if the time comes. Thank you.


Owensboro, KY

Tim Hicks

We’re happy to be in our new home. Happy to refer folks your way too. Thanks again.

Owensboro, KY

Barbara Key


It has been such a great pleasure working with  you to build my new Jagoe Home! Your love of the job and for the people you work with and your dedication to excellence truly shows in everything you do! Thank you so much! Have a merry, merry Christmas with your family… and a happy New Year!

Owensboro, KY

Lauren Lamar

I had a wonderful experience with Jagoe! I think my only suggestion would be that there be a virtual way to see exactly what the home would look like after picking out all of the materials. We were able to see what each item would look like, but it would be cool if you could see everything pieced together. As a first time home buyer, this process was so EASY! Everyone thought it was a big deal that I was building my first home, but truthfully it was stress free and a painless process.

Jagoe was extremely easy to work with and I am grateful for my BEAUTIFUL new home.


Also, Angel was amazing in assisting me through the process. She was not pushy at all and such a problem solver!

Bowling Green, KY

Brandon & Sherri Curcio

We are a second time Jagoe Homeowner and I must say that Jagoe has come a long way by improving the quality of building materials used in their homes. We are really pleased with this house overall.

Henderson, KY

Charlie Mattingly

First, congratulations on earning an excellent A+ rating with the BBB. BBB ratings are based on 16 trust-related factors, including fair and appropriate handling of any customer complaints filed with BBB, business stability as represented by numerous years in business, and commitment to and compliance with BBB’s standard for Trust. Your Better Business Bureau is focused on connecting customers to trustworthy BBB Accredited Businesses. We’re pleased to report we’re making connections for your business.

Better Business Bureau, Louisville, KY

Shawn Hammack

Overall the process of buying my 2nd Jagoe home was flawless.  Mary was an absolute saint to work with.  She made the process nearly painless.  She was always willing to work around my unpredictable work schedule and get me information as needed to aid me in my decision making process.

I do feel like the final walkthrough was a little rough and issues that needed to be handled were not completed. IE paint on the floor, fixtures, bathtub and toilets.  However, you go to closing without having an opportunity to assure those items noted at final inspection are corrected.  I am certain all issues I might have found will be corrected once I contact Cheryl and let her know the situation.

If I can be of any other future help let me know, overall my children and I are very happy here and enjoy the quiet neighborhood.

Evansville, IN

Phil & Scott

Our experience has been pretty good.
The fact that the designer/architect worked with my elevation design ideas… Is awesome! We are happy that we are able to have a home that looks so different.

As for suggestions… Color correct lighting in the room that design choices are being made should be an ABSOLUTE must. The color we chose for our gables looks TOTALLY different (outside) than the small sample we approved under the fluorescent lighting. I would never have chosen the color that was installed, if I had thought to look at it outside or if we would have had correct lighting in the room. I have grown to accept the color, but …
And the ice-maker stopped working the second day. We have been in contact with the manufacturer. They sent a new drawer today (nearly a month later). It doesn’t work either. So we have to get back with them. Kind of of a let-down.
Audra and Cody were great to work with. They took good care of us.
and it finally dried enough that our lawn was started being graded. Looking forward to having the sod in.
Evansville, IN

Ron Sale

The trade-in program is excellent idea for someone outgrowing their current home.

Evansville, IN

Randy Cox

It is hard to come up with any one thing as the entire experience was really great.  Living 600 miles from the construction was something I feared, but Mike Tegmeyer was great and kept us posted on all development.

We have really been pleased with the house, with the only remaining issue is that final grading and seeding is still to be completed.   BUT, that is not Jagoe’s fault, it has just been too rainy at the wrong time.

I would highly recommend Jagoe!

Huntingburg, IN

Ron & Deborah Carlisle

We couldn’t be more pleased w/ the quality of Jagoe’s work, the neighborhood, and the follow-up w/ a few ” minor” problems we experienced. The entire Jagoe crew has been a delight to work with & we recommend you every opportunity we get.

Louisville, KY

Mark and Kristopher Stallins

Our sales consultants were very patient and helpful in choosing our new home’s features. They went above and beyond helping with our (multiple) custom design requests! The architects and contractors also upgraded our new home for future solar power, and electric vehicle charging stations, like we requested. The entire warranty and service team has been excellent, and we’re really pleased how our new neighborhood is growing!

Newburgh, IN

Don & Pat Schmied

My husband and I have just completed building our Jagoe Home. This is the first home we have ever built, and I feel compelled to write to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been. We are so happy with our new home and with the entire process.

Owensboro, KY

Glenn & Patty Laird

I would like to thank everyone at Jagoe Homes for building my wife and I our dream home. Outstanding and over the top work. A very special thank you too Bernie Hill for keeping everything in order on the job site. To Mary Figgins, we couldn’t have done this without you. My wife and I consider Mary more than a sales person. Mary and her husband are like family to us. Bill and Scott Jagoe, Mary Figgins is a true diamond in your company. She represent Jagoe Homes with true professionalism. Thank you again for our beautiful home.

Henderson, KY

Andrew Eiden

We just wanted to let you know that Shawna was great. She was very helpful, nice and friendly. We loved the home but are still in the process of making a decision. Thank you for your time.

Owensboro, KY

The Mahoney’s

Just a note to thank you again for the extra effort and kind patience in managing these last few details. You have truly done a magnificent job in making this experience great, and achieving the home the kids envisioned. Have a great holiday weekend!

Bowling Green, KY

Troy Bailey

I am glad I found Jagoe Homes via my Realtor. I had a very pleasant experience and would recommend anyone to build through Jagoe. I would do it again.

Bowling Green, KY

Pamela Cissell

We had a good experience we are very excited about building our dream home thanks so much

Huntingburg, IN

Timothy & Olivia Dunlavey

There aren’t words to express the “WOW” experience with Jagoe Homes. What started out as a “what the heck, let’s see these pretty homes” trip ended up in the adventure that would change our lives. We went to view some condos just for fun (like people that go test drive cars but don’t really have the intent to buy one). We had the privilege of meeting representatives Shawna Henderson and Debra Ross. They went out of their way to give us a warm welcome and gave us an informative/visual tour. Guess what, a week later we are planning our retirement home! These ladies went above and beyond to help us get what we wanted while fitting our budget! We would recommend Jagoe Homes to all of our friends and family! Out of 5 stars, we would give them a 6!

Owensboro, KY

Bill & Diane McCune

It was a great experience. Everyone was wonderful. We absolutely love our home.

Louisville, KY

Ron & Deborah Carlisle

Thank you for allowing us to offer feedback on our experience w/ Jagoe Homes.

I know Shelly Jones is no longer w/ the Jagoe company, but her initial meeting impressed Deborah & I enough to keep us interested, leading us to decide to move forward w/ Jagoe homes. Her ” no pressure ” relation w/ us & her willingness to find answers to all questions made our experience a comfortable one.

Although there were a couple minor flaws throughout the building process, Lindsey was exceptional in bringing them to a favorable conclusion.

I can’t say enough about the working relationship Deborah, myself & my paint crew had w/ Jason & Toney. They too were exceptional to work with & to say they know their job well is a understatement.

Lastly let me say Deborah & I looked at many patio / garden home communities over the past 3 years & the Jagoe quality was by far a deciding factor in building here in Glenmary Commons. The Jagoe company can be proud of their work & their finished product. We have & will continue to highly recommend Jagoe Homes.

Louisville, KY

Connie & Bruce Blanton

We love our new home in Whispering Meadows! We looked for a couple of months before deciding to build, but Mary Elliott made the process super easy! She was very responsive when we had questions, knowledgeable and great with follow up. I love that we got to pick our own cabinets, counter tops and fixtures and couldn’t be happier! And, it went a lot faster than I expected! Definitely worth the wait to get everything the way you want it! Thanks Mary!!!

Owensboro, KY

Barbara Key

I can’t say enough about how wonderful everyone has been to work with at Jagoe Homes.  I’m very happy and excited to be moving into my new home!

Owensboro, KY

Shawn Stovall

Sorry for the delay in my response, we have been busy unpacking everything in our wonderful Jagoe home.  To answer your question, our experience was exceptional.  Angel was professional and we were truly impressed with the outstanding customer service demonstrated throughout our journey.  All the follow up has be quick and accurate.  Jagoe made building a home effortless for us because of the availability.  We have gone through this process before and I must say this has been the best experience.  Thank you 

Bowling Green, KY

Beverly Burden

My husband, Dan Spisich, and I are building a Jagoe home at Centerra Ridge. I would like to applaud all of the people I have had to interact with throughout the process. From Mary-the-Great Figgins, our sales rep, to Terry the frame inspector. We have been treated with the utmost respect. The speed and accuracy of the Amish framers was truly astounding. Paul, the Plumber, Wargel even made sure I was satisfied with the placement of the two stop Valves in my custom shower to placement of my outside gas line for Dan’s natural gas grill. The Scales boys in landscaping gave me the name and number of who they worked for so I could make an appointment to discuss landscaping. I have met both the crew bosses Dennis and Ronnie and look forward to working with Jeremy in the finishing process. Finally, throughout the whole process, up to this point, all workers continually say thank you for using Jagoe! And during all of this, our sweet Mary Figgins had been the center spoke of the wheel keeping us all connected. My husband and I say thank you!

Jagoe has been really good to us and so helpful throughout all of the heart aching events that have been happening with our family. Your workers have been competent and friendly during the building phase! Whenever we had a nee, you have met it with flying colors. This is why I always let everyone I know, know what a good company you all are to work with.

-Beverly Burden and Dan Spisich

Evansville, IN

Debbie Ash

There were 2 things I enjoyed with my purchasing experience. I enjoyed watching my home being built from start to finish and I enjoyed my walk through showing me how each item in my home worked and how to maintain.
I have received many many compliments on my home so I wanted to thank everyone at Jagoe for doing such an outstanding job.
Newburgh, IN

Tea Leavell

I so love my new home and all of the friendly families that live at the Stables. My daughter, granddaughter, and son were here for the 4th of July holiday, and they just love my new home and the location of the Stables. I have met so many people. Maybe it is because I love to walk, and I already have the new name of “the walker” in the neighborhood. I can’t thank you enough, and I really can’t thank Mary Figgins and Jason Claus enough. They are the best of the best, and they both went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that my journey to home ownership was a success. So, thank you for all of your time, help, and friendship. We truly miss Mary and Jason. Every once in a while I get to see them. Mary actually came over one day to check on me. I was also on my walk one day while Jason was showing a couple around, and he stopped to introduce me to the new guys on the block. Thank you so much! You all are well appreciated.


Tea Leavell

Evansville, IN

David & Carla Abbott

We would specifically like to recognize three people – Craig Jagoe for performing an initial property assessment, Bernie for his professionalism and flexibility & finally Dana for her dealing with my husband’s many demands.

From breaking ground to receiving the keys – it was an awesome experience. So happy we chose Jagoe Homes, they make dreams come true!

Henderson, Ky

The McKees

Wanted you to pass along how GREAT we think Roger is! He’s sharp and very quick at diagnosing the problem when he sees it.

Owensboro, KY

Erin Borland

I have to say Jagoes really made the process of building a home easy.  I had a friend who built a home, and they did it on their own.  I remember the stress my friend experienced during that time and she thought we were crazy to build a home.  Her experience had me a little concerned, but it went great!  We came by all the time to look at the progress.  Anything we had questions about, we sent an email or text to Bernie and he always replied within a day and took care of things right away.  They put some windows in the wrong place, and they were literally fixed the next day when we came by!  We were like Wow!  Debbie and Chad were also great to work with.  They both responded to questions quickly and took care of anything we needed.
 As far as things that could make the process better, I would say have another paint option.  We had been told by another family that built a Jagoe home that flat paint and kids did not mixed.  We asked about upgrading and it was going to be like $2500.  I think an in between option would be great.  We have 2 year old twins and have already touched up paint once, and need to do it again before we have guests at Christmas.  I know from personal experience that stores sell paints that stand up to kids better than flat paint would.  I understand the reason to use flat paint, but I think families would appreciate the option to use something that resists scuffing but won’t break the bank.
I think the only other thing would be to make sure things that were pointed out during the final walk through are taken care of before closing.  There were nicks in the paint that were not touched back up, especially on the mantel.  They did leave extra paint so I was able to take care of them myself.  Our island that was damaged was also not replaced until afterward.  When Tony met us for the closing, he called right then and order a new one and came back and installed it a couple weeks later.  We were very appreciative, that he took care of it for us!  I also asked for extra door paint and he was able to get me some of that to fix some spots.  These weren’t major things, but it would have been nice to have these taken care of before we closed and moved it.
Overall, Jagoes has the process down to a science and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to build our home.  We love that it is energy efficient!  The kitchen is fantastic, and I love having an island.  My husband loves the upstair’s bonus room, and the twins are still talking to everyone about the new house!
Owensboro, KY

Nicole Cunningham

My fiance and I moved into our new Jagoe home about 4 days ago, and I must say we couldn’t be happier with the entire process. Every single person we met and worked with along the way was as kind as could be. Our home is as beautiful and perfect as we had hoped. Unfortunately, about two days after moving in our spare toilet cracked at the base (no fault of Jagoe’s, it was just screwed on too tight!), we submitted the issue on a Sunday, and had a new toilet with zero hassle within 48 hours. We would recommend Jagoe Homes 100 times over, the process is simple, fun, and inviting, and even when it comes to the issues that come with building a home, Jagoe handles them with absolute perfection. We really can’t thank you all enough for your hard work and great quality!!

Evansville, IN

Luke & Erica Lacefield

Yes, there was plenty of the experience that we enjoyed! We most definitely enjoyed the experiences with Ms. Mary Elliot and Ms. Shawna Kellems. They made the purchasing experience smooth and painless, also made the experience much more laid back and less stressful. The process of buying a Jagoe home is been made into a science, it is very easy to pick what we want and then for you guys to make it a reality. We were surprised at how smooth it was, we were even more surprised as to when we were getting the walk through of the home Daniel Crews took the time to go through each aspect of the home, from the garbage disposal to the air filter in the furnace. He was kind enough to provide insight, tips, and tricks on things that he has experienced through the years of himself being a homeowner, as well as, things he has heard from current Jagoe Home owners.
All you ever hear is “building a home is a nightmare” and a “headache” but we really couldn’t more pleased on the way the process was!
Owensboro, KY

Carla Dunaway

I can’t believe it had already been over 6 months since we have moved in our Jagoe home. We truly love our home and are so pleased with the outstanding workmanship that was done on our home. I tell everybody about Jagoe homes and highly recommend Jagoe’s to all who are looking for a new home.

Owensboro, KY

Aaron Singer

My experience working with Karol was exceptional! I had a very unique situation in which it almost seemed like I was not going to be able to build the house I wanted. Karol helped me find the right lender for me and I ended up building in The Stables instead of Oak Park. The change in communities allowed me the affordability to add more upgrades which I wanted. She walked me through the process step by step and was very attentive to my needs and always had my best interest in mind.
I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly my new home was completed and the quality of the build. I was given a timeline of 90-120 days and my new home was completed ahead of schedule. I ended up closing on my house about a month earlier than I was scheduled for.
After closing, I had a few small issues that needed to be addressed and the customer service was outstanding. A simple email and the issue was addressed within 24 to 48 hours. I’ve heard horror stories about building a house and how difficult the process is but, Karol and Jagoe made this process a breeze!

Evansville, IN

Brittany Payne

Yes, I truly enjoyed the ease of purchase. I enjoyed that Jagoe fixed all issues found at the walk through. I was very impressed with Debbie Kittinger. She was the one who helped our decision with choosing Jagoe. She went above and beyond to assure us this was the right choice. I will recommend Jagoe to anyone! (and, I already have!)  I would choose Jagoe again in a heartbeat. I am so happy.

Utica, KY

Lewatis & Kimumekia McNeal

Words couldn’t begin to express how grateful we are to have had Beverly in our corner! You have been awesome and sweet. If I could afford it I would give you the money to build your Dream Home, just like you did for us. There are no words to express how we appreciate you. You touched the McNeal family. We love you for it too!!

Bowling Green, KY

Wayne & Teresa Mullins

My wife and I really love our house. Everyone has been very helpful and great to work with. Thanks again, and we would recommend a Jagoe home to anyone.

Evansville, IN

Pam Robb

My experience with Jagoe has been wonderful from beginning to end. I have no complaints and I do not know if anything you would need to change to make my experience better. I enjoyed every minute and am happy to be in my new home!!

Evansville, IN

Neil & JoAnna Williams

We absolutely love our Jagoe home!!! When we were selling our home there were some delays and the Jagoe and FBC folks were all helpful and understanding. We have had a couple things come up warranty wise and Cheryl has taken care of everything with ease.

Evansville, IN

Luke Lacefield

Mary Elliot and Shawna Kellems were absolutely spectacular! Mary and Shawna made this process less stressful and more relaxing by not being a salesman/saleswoman. It is not every day someone chooses to build a house and Mary and Shawna makes this process as smooth as possible. They are willing to answer all the silly questions and went above and beyond my wife and I’s expectations. Mary and Shawna are not only a great asset to Jagoe Homes, Inc, but are worth more money!!

Owensboro, KY