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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 8

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 8

And just like that… my new, Jagoe Home is framed!

There is an actual HOME on that giant slab of concrete!!

After my slab foundation was complete, framing my home was the very next step. It could have been framed the next day if our framing crews weren’t already busy with other Jagoe Homes that were in the construction pipeline before mine! Sometimes it can take up to two weeks for the framing crew to get to your job site, depending on how busy they are. Framers will also not complete a job if it is raining or we are experiencing other types of inclement weather. Of course, it rained the day that my framers were originally scheduled to come, but luckily there was no rain the next day, and VOILA!

As you can see, we try our best to keep our construction sites clean

However, this is normally where our customers get pretty excited in their building process!

Most Jagoe Homes are Framed by the Amish

Amish framers are some of the best in the business because this particular trade has been passed down through the men in their families for generations. Their attention to detail is incomparable and they take immense pride in their work. The Amish travel to our Jagoe Homes communities from Southern Indiana and Central Kentucky. On the way to the job site, the 2-12 men crew reviews and studies the home plans so that when they arrive on the site, they can easily hit the ground running. One crew can frame a home the size of mine (about 1500 square feet) in only one day. We estimate that the Amish have framed over 5,000 Jagoe Homes.

Jagoe Homes also utilizes engineered roof trusses, meaning they are already put together, which increases quality of workmanship and timeliness when framing a home. We also use certain grades of lumber of better quality in all Jagoe Homes. As we learn and grow as a home builder, we look separately at structural issues and insulation issues due to framing. This reduces thermal bridging, which is a fancy way of saying that the wood that your home is framed with, believe it or not, contributes to your homes’ energy efficiency.

There’s more to the framing stage than wood!

You can also see that all of my Sun Windows have been installed! In fact, we proudly install Sun Windows in every Jagoe Home! Sun products are designed to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. The insulated glass systems use the latest advances in energy performance technology. This includes new generation Low-E glass, Argon gas filled air spaces, and Duralite™, the most advanced warm-edge insulated glass spacer system available.

At this point in my process with FBC Mortgage, my loan has reached the underwriting stage. I’ve received a couple emails from my loan officer regarding where my loan is in the process. I also needed to present him with some recent bank statements, a copy of my driver’s license and a few other documents to help the underwriters. I’m also watching interest rates fall, which is great news for me!

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Up Next: Plumbing and Electrical Rough-In

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THIS WEEKEND ONLY – Saving You Green

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THIS WEEKEND ONLY – Jagoe Homes is Saving You Green!

Purchase a Move-In Ready Jagoe Home and Get:
  • One of the following FBC Mortgage Rate Programs:
    • 2.625% (APR 5.969%) FBC Mortgage 2/1 Rate Buydown FHA or Conventional**
    • 3.99% (APR 4.064%) FBC Mortgage Conventional Permanent Rate Buydown***
    • 3.99% (APR 5.052%) FBC Mortgage FHA Permanent Rate Buydown****
  • Reduced Pricing on Select Move-In Ready Homes*
  • Up to $2,000 in Closing Costs*****

View Available Jagoe Move-In Ready Homes that Qualify!

FBC Mortgage, LLC is an Equal Housing Lender. NMLS# 152859. All products are subject to credit and property approval. Programs, rates, program terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Not all products are available in all states or for all amounts. Other restrictions and limitations may apply.

*St. Patrick’s Interest Rate offer & Reduced Pricing good on Jagoe Select Move-In Ready Homes that are under agreement no later than March 18th, 2019. Limited to 1 select Move-In Ready Home per community.

**2.625% 2/1 Rate Buydown FHA Rate, 3.5% down payment, 30 year fixed rate loan after 2nd year. Interest rate based on minimum credit score of 640, lock rate of 45 days, close by 04/30/2019, and is subject to change daily, other restrictions may apply. APR 5.696%.

***3.99% Conventional Permanent Rate Byuydown, 15% down payment, 30 year fixed rate. Interest rate based on minimum credit score of 740, lock rate of 45 days, close by 04/30/2019, and is subject to change daily, other restrictions may apply. APR 4.064%.

****3.99% FHA Permanent Rate Buydown, 3.5% down payment, 30 year fixed rate. Interest rate based on minimum credit score of 640, lock rate of 45 days, close by 04/30/2019, and is subject to change daily, other restrictions may apply. APR 5.052%.

*****Up to $2,000 in clsoing costs from Jagoe Homes based on using their approved lender, FBC Mortgage. Pre-paids not included.

My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 7

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 7

My foundation is complete! After the footer for my new home was installed, the next step was my foundation block.  After the installation of the foundation block, insulation was then installed around the interior of the foundation, which helps to reduce monthly energy costs. Next, plumbing was installed, the foundation was filled with rock and the concrete floor was finally poured. That completes the foundation for my home!

Owensboro had a high of 8 degrees on Wednesday of Week 4, so some progress was delayed due to the polar vortex and freezing conditions. Then, it decided to rain for several days in Week 5 and in the beginning of Week 6. Hard rain can damage concrete as it is curing, and make it not smooth and uneven with each rain drop. This is why you never want to poor concrete in the rain. January’s weather is so wildly unpredictable. This is frustrating for me as a home owner, but I would much rather my home be structurally sound and wait a couple more days for it to be perfect.

Here’s what my home looked like during the block, insulation and plumbing phases:


home story
home story
home story


home story
home story
home story


home story
home story
home story
There are many benefits to building your new home on a concrete slab:
  • Slab foundations minimize the risk of damage from flooding or the leaking of gasses such as radon from a basement or crawl space into the house. However, all Jagoe Homes communities are built above flood plains.
  • A concrete slab can protect a home from termites or other similar insects, as they have no open spaces underneath the house that would give them access to wooden joists or supports they could chew.
  • In certain conditions, slab foundation is a very cost effective way to build your home.
  • Slab homes are often built closer to the ground than homes with basements or crawl spaces, thus reducing the number of steps it takes to enter. This can be advantageous for anyone who has a hard time getting up and down steps. A slab may be built on a higher level if the home owner prefers.
My concrete slab was installed on February 18th!

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2019 Spring Tour of Homes

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Join Us for the 2019 Spring Tour of Homes in Evansville and Newburgh

The 2019 Spring Tour of Homes, presented by the Southwestern Indiana Builders Association, in Evansville and Newburgh gives you an exclusive, FREE, 2-day opportunity to visit brand new, Jagoe Homes! Our homes in the tour will be open to the public on March 2-3 from Noon – 4 PM on both days. A few of our homes in the Spring Tour are Fully-Decorated Model Homes, the remaining homes are near completion or Move-In Ready. Special Move-In Ready Home Incentives are currently available. Click here for more details on our Sale-A-Bration!

Feel free to also meet with a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant in the communities to discuss building your new Jagoe Home! We have a variety of home plans and facades to accommodate your family’s needs. Plus, you can Personalize & Price a Jagoe Home online NOW!

Visit Move-IN Ready Jagoe Homes in the 2019 Spring Tour of Homes:


Waterside at Berkshire

5571 Brompton Drive

Newburgh, IN, 47630

4 BD / 2.5 BA / 3-Car


Savings of $10,000!


2019 spring tour
Waterstone Village

2893 Courtz Court

Newburgh, IN, 47630

4 BR / 2 BA / 3-Car


Savings of $14,000!



3090 Megan Drive

Newburgh, IN, 47630

4 BD / 2.5 BA / 2-Car


Savings of $7,000!


2019 spring tour
The Grove at Brookstone

3043 Limestone Court

Newburgh, IN, 47630

3 BD / 2 BA / 2-Car


Savings of $6,000!


2019 spring tour
The Stables

4828 Stables Drive

Evansville, IN, 47715

3 BD / 2 BA / 2-Car


Savings of $10,000!


2019 spring tour
Creekside Meadows

13630 Prairie Drive

Evansville, IN, 47725

4 BD / 2.5 BA / 3-Car


Savings of $9,000!



Visit Jagoe Model Homes in the 2019 Spring Tour of Homes:


Cayman Ridge

2415 Belize Drive

Evansville, IN, 47725

3 BD / 2.5 BA / 2-Car


2019 spring tour
The Orchard

617 Criterion Way

Evansville, IN, 47711

3 BD / 2 BA / 2-Car


2019 spring tour

Discuss Financing Options with a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant and Our Preferred Lender, FBC Mortgage!

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 3

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 3

I’m starting to see activity on my home site! The footer was dug in the morning and the concrete for the footer was poured in the afternoon on Thursday, January 24th. The snow delayed progress on my home for a couple of days.

From now on, I am very careful around the construction site!  As a homeowner, I try to plan my visits after our trade partners have finished for the day.  For everyone’s safety, It’s best not to bring small children or pets to the construction site.

Last week (Week 2), I received a letter from Kim, our Loan and Closing Administrator.

The letter states that Jagoe Homes had a calculated “Estimated Closing Date,” and that this date is “to be in the approximate time frame between: May 15, 2019 and June 15, 2019.”

This letter also includes that, “an Estimated Closing Date time frame is subject to significant changing due to weather, municipalities, material shortages, etc. When your home is at the drywall stage, I (Kim), will contact you with a date and time for your Homeowner Orientation and Closing. This is usually 30 to 45 days before closing.”

The letter goes on to state that, “another big task you accomplished is your loan approval from FBC Mortgage. With that loan approval we are moving forward with the construction of your home. Your lender has approved your loan based on the current status of your financial, employment and credit ability. Keep in mind a few important things to remember during the construction process: Do not open any new credit accounts; Do not incur additional debt; No change in your current employment status that would affect income; Please be sure to provide your lender with any and all documentation as requested.”

From a home owner’s perspective…

Now, it is January, so I was definitely expecting some weather delays on pouring the concrete footer for my home. We’ve had some not-so-awesome rainy, snowy, icy, cold days here in Owensboro, Kentucky in the past couple of weeks. Pouring concrete in winter months is a tough job due to weather and shortened daylight hours. Concrete can successfully be poured in cold weather! However, concrete should never be poured on frozen ground, snow or ice.

Here is what my home site looked like after the footer was installed:


Our preferred lender, FBC Mortgage, also sent me loan documents to electronically sign the same day that I received Kim’s letter last week. This was a very quick and easy process! Make sure that you read over your loan documents carefully.

After your brand new, Jagoe Home is Production Released, be very careful not to do something that could have a negative affect on your credit score.

This could include the purchase of high-priced items or vacations. Other examples could be purchasing furniture or even a vehicle. Be sure to make all of your current payments on time, especially credit cards.   This is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life!  It’s very important to keep your credit score in excellent condition throughout the entire construction process as your closing loan officer will administer another soft pull of your credit prior to the closing date.

If you are unsure of a decision that you are making and whether it will affect your credit or not, you can always consult your loan officer!

My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 1

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Find Your New Jagoe Home in Brook Stone Estates

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Find Your New Jagoe Home in Brook Stone Estates – Jeffersontown, KY

Our newest community in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area, Brook Stone Estates, celebrates the comfort of community in Jeffersontown. Jeffersontown, which is more commonly referred to as J-Town by locals, has a deep history and is home to its own Farmer’s Market, Public Library, parks and facilities, schools and large community events such as the Gaslight Festival.

Jagoe Homes participated in the Gaslight Festival in 2018 when we first opened Brook Stone Estates, and it was a blast! Interacting with the people who live in this community, eating at their restaurants and embracing the unique culture of J-Town was refreshing. During the 2018 Homearama, at Catalpa Farms in Fisherville we made several visits to nearby J-Town to dine and relax.  In addition to Brook Stone Estates and Catalpa Farms we also have one more community located in Fern Creek, Glenmary Commons.

Even with its rich history, new construction is becoming the new thing in J-Town.

When a home buyer is searching for their new home, particularly in an area like Jeffersontown, they often overlook the possibility of new home construction. However, we are honored and excited to have the opportunity to build a home owner’s new dream home with all of their personal selections and unique touches to this area.

So, why build a new home versus purchasing a used home?
  • It’s your dream home, maybe even your forever home. Design your new Jagoe Home with your personal selections and choose the floor plan the suits your family the most. You can even personalize and price a new home online, meet with a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant, and then we will work with you every step of the way to make this dream a reality!
  • Every new Jagoe Home is built with today’s home buyer in mind. A home built five years ago does not meet the needs of a home buyer today.
  • A brand new, Jagoe Home does not have any surprises. Do you truly know what’s happened to a used home?
  • Timing is everything. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to build equity and appreciation on a new home in an area that is already seeing new growth. Plus, interest rates are currently still very low compared to past years. Don’t wait until they start rising again!
  • Save money in the long run with a new, Energy Smart, Jagoe Home. You will be amazed by the amount of money that you can save every month on your utility bills in a new home compared to a used home with old insulation, drafty doors and windows, outdated appliances and inefficient heating and cooling systems.
  • All new Jagoe Homes come equipped with the newest technology. We build our homes with the latest in building innovations.
  • Your new home gives you quality, value and peace of mind. All Jagoe Homes come with a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, which includes 10 full years of structural coverage, 2 full years of systems surety coverage, and 1 full year of surety coverage against defects in workmanship and materials.
brook stone estates
We get it, it’s PERSONAL.

Brook Stone Estates offers a variety of two-story home plans, all which come with either an in-ground or a walk-out basement (walk-out basement home sites are limited!), to fit exactly what your family needs! This community includes two brand new home plans, the Declaration Craftsman and the Revolution Craftsman, as well as our more popular plans, the Cumberland Craftsman, Patriot Craftsman and the National Craftsman. We have also introduced the beautiful National Farmhouse elevation to Brook Stone Estates, which incorporates a sleek, modern farmhouse exterior. Any of these home plans can be personalized based on your style, wants and needs! Our team is looking into adding a one-story, ranch-style plan to be offered as an option in Brook Stone Estates in addition to these six plans.

Historic J-Town is not left out of Brook Stone Estates. A Historic Farmhouse still sits in the center of the community. The Historic Farmhouse was originally built in 1923 by L.C. Ford from locally quarried stone back when Billtown Road was called Funk Mill Road, after the famous Abraham Funk.  The home will be lovingly restored and updated by Turn Key Design.

Currently, we have two Move-In Ready homes that are under construction! Contact your Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant for more information on these homes and to get started on your brand new, Jagoe Home today!

Watch a Drone Tour of Brook Stone Estates Now»

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 1

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 1

I think a lot of my peers in my own Millennial generation are afraid of building a new home, so I wanted to openly share my personal home building journey. As the Social Media/PR Coordinator for Jagoe Homes, I feel like this is an appropriate story for me to share with our audience.

There’s a lot of talk about transparency in government and business. I can’t really think of a better way to be more transparent with our building process than to share this with you. I am a second-time Jagoe Home owner now! While I am very familiar with our building process, I know that many people are not.

home story

What started out as an idea has now come to this point. My home was Production Released on Friday, January 11th, 2019!

In November, I finally decided that I was tired of renting and this is where the seed of this story was planted.  My apartment has been my home for three years, and I will miss it dearly. I truly love living downtown and would recommend it to anyone. But, all good things must come to an end, and who is to say that I won’t own a condo in downtown in the future? Plus, poor Hank, my 85-pound Labrador, really deserves a yard for once in his life.

So, I started creating a home estimate for myself. I already had the size and price point of the home in mind, and I knew that I wanted a ranch-style, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2-Car Garage home. Simple enough, and plenty of room for all of us. I already knew that I wanted to live in Bluegrass Commons, since I visit all of our communities frequently. This is the closest community to our office and is more centrally located in town like I wanted. You can create your own home estimate on our website.

Now that I knew how much I wanted to invest in my new home, I reached out to our preferred lender, FBC Mortgage.  They pulled my credit, which was luckily very good, and pre-approved me for a conventional loan. Before getting started on your new home, I would suggest getting pre-approved FIRST to properly establish your budget and expectations.

After the Holidays, I met with my Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant to review my home site, home plan, selections, and finalize all of my documentation. POOF – I’m ready to start building!

Well, that was easy! From about the second week of December, to the second week of January is the time frame that all of that occurred. For others, it may be quicker, or it might take a little longer.  Fortunately, I did not to have a lease on a home or have home to sell, which can really delay progress. The good news is that Jagoe Homes has programs in place to help assist you in those situations.  If your current home is standing in your way, ask a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant about our SureTrade program or about Down Payment Assistance.  If you’re a First-Time Home Buyer, and you’re not sure how to get started, they can assist you with that as well.  You can even chat with our Online Sales Counselors right now if you have any questions or would like them to set an appointment for you to come tour one of our Model Homes!

If you’d like to be my neighbor at Bluegrass Commons in Owensboro, Kentucky, please contact Mary and Shawna.

Up Next: Excavation & Footer.

jagoe homes fbc mortgage

How Much of a Down Payment Do YOU Need?

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How Much of a Down Payment Do YOU Need for Your New Home?

Once home buyers begin the process of building their new home, they often overlook the importance of a Down Payment. This can be a daunting, tall hurdle for some. So, how much do you REALLY need to put down on a home?

Plan Ahead and Save

Many home buyers have dreamed or at least done some research months, maybe years before they are finally ready to start the building process. Once you know that you are ready to build your new home, it’s important to start saving up for your Down Payment. This is the amount of money you spend upfront to purchase the home and is typically combined with a home loan to fulfill the total purchase price of a home. In addition to your Down Payment amount, your credit score, credit history, total debt and annual income will influence how much of a loan you can qualify for.

Zillow offers a great tool, the affordability calculator, to approximately calculate how much home you can afford. Here you enter in your annual income, monthly debts and a Down Payment amounts to generate the overall price of a home you can comfortably afford.

The Standard for a Down Payment

A 20 percent Down Payment is considered ideal, and it also gives you many benefits. Putting that larger amount down lets you avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI), it can help you qualify for a lower interest rate, which can help you save thousands over the life of your loan.  It will also give you more equity faster, and it will result in a smaller monthly mortgage payment.

There are Many Ways to Cultivate a Down Payment

Saving money over time is just one way to build up enough money for your Down Payment. In fact, there are many financing options available! Many people building their new home use the net proceed from the sale of their existing home. Additionally, some home buyers choose to fund part or all of it with the sale of personal property of value other than real estate.

Our new Buy & Save plan helps you save the necessary funds to buy your brand new Jagoe home. A Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant helps you set up a specific schedule during the building process that allows you to make weekly or monthly payments so your Down Payment is fully funded in time to close.

Gift Funds are another way to partially or wholly fund your payment. This is usually an outright gift of cash from a relative, employer, labor union, charitable organization, government agency or public entity.

For More on Down Payment Assistance, Visit Our Website!

down payment
You Do Not Have to Put Down 20 Percent

While getting a Zero-Down Payment loan is challenging and you have to meet a strict set of criteria, there are other programs that offer lower down payments that may be more achievable.

One of the most popular of the Low-Down Payment loans is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA loan), which allows for 3.5 percent down. One of the downfalls of this program, however, is that you still have to pay mortgage insurance premiums to protect the lender if you default on your loan.

Buyers are also taking advantage of two Fannie Mae loans; Conventional 97 and HomeReady mortgages, which both allow for a minimum down payment of just 3 percent. HomeReady mortgages are designed for creditworthy, low to moderate income borrowers, with expanded eligibility for financing homes in designated low-income, minority, and disaster-impacted communities. Conventional 97 mortgages are designed to help creditworthy home buyers who would otherwise qualify for a mortgage but may not have the resources for a larger down payment.

Outside of these Fannie Mae, FHA, VA and USDA loan types, there are state and local assistance programs that can help you get into a home with a low-down payment. There are also towns that offer incentives to move there, ranging from student loan forgiveness to free lots of land to build on. Even though these programs don’t cover your down payment for you, they can help you save money elsewhere if you can come up with the initial down payment up front.

Contact Your Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant to Get Started TODAY and Speak to Our Preferred Lender, FBC Mortgage!

jagoe homes fbc mortgage

2018 Jagoe Homes Review

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The 2018 Year End Review with Jagoe Homes

2018 was QUITE the year at Jagoe Homes! We want to share with you what we believe are huge successes, accomplishments and milestones that we met as a home builder. We have overcome obstacles, found areas to develop and strengthen, and established priorities.  However, what seems to remain constant every year is how happy we are for our new Jagoe Home owners!  From families visiting our Model Homes or setting appointments for a first-time visit, and for each step throughout their journey to new home ownership, for all of us at Jagoe Homes, this is a humbling and wonderful experience. The best part is always at closing, when we finally hand the keys over to our new home owners. This is not a sad moment for us, because once you’re a Jagoe Home owner, you become a part of the Jagoe Homes family. We appreciate our employees who work day in and day out to help Jagoe Homes reach goals to make our company the best it can possibly be. We also want to thank the realtor community, our preferred lender, FBC Mortgage, trade partners, and affiliates.

NOW onto the numbers…

2018 jagoe homes review

We started out 2018 at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida!

2018 jagoe homes reviewThe International Builders Show (IBS) is a world-wind for Jagoe Homes employees. This year we were able to take all upper management, the marketing team, the estimating team and the drafting team. IBS is an important part of our year. We find extreme value in the education it provides from our industry’s top ranking trainers and professionals, and the elaborate showcasing of new products from our vendors. We look forward to another trip to IBS, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2019!


We had 7 Community Grand Openings!

We started off with Berkshire’s Grand Opening in Newburgh, IN – we opened sections in Waterside at Berkshire and Turnberry at Berkshire!

Then we hosted a Grand Opening for Windstone in Owensboro, KY, which includes sections Avondale at Windstone, Bellefield at Windstone and Overton at Windstone.

Finally it became time to open our FIRST Downtown Building in Owensboro, KY, Parkside 100! This was a MAJOR milestone for Jagoe Homes! We purchased this historic building in hopes of bringing our reputation from award-winning design, experience, and quality homes to this historic elegant setting. A few homes are currently still available in Parkside 100 going into 2019!

In the spring of 2018, we had the Grand Opening for Central Park, which is a community centrally located in Owensboro, KY. Central Park is home to our beautiful garden home series.

In the summer, we sold the first home site in Brook Stone Estates in Louisville, KY! Brook Stone Estates is our newest community in Louisville, located in the heart of Jeffersontown, more commonly referred to as J-Town by locals.

Then in the fall, we hosted the Grand Opening for Eastwick at Berkshire in Newburgh, IN. Since Eastwick at Berkshire is a brand new section with different home elevations and product than our other sections in Berkshire, we had its own grand release event!

Finally in November, we opened the much-anticipated Bluegrass Commons community in Owensboro, KY! This wonderful community features our single-family attached homes in The Acoustics at Bluegrass Commons, our single-family homes on 50′ home sites in The Ballads at Bluegrass Commons, and our single-family homes on 60′ home sites in The Legends at Bluegrass Commons.

While we hosted these grand openings, we also extended parts of our communities in The Orchard and Cayman Ridge in Evansville, IN, and Glenmary Commons in Louisville, KY.

COMING SOON in 2019 – Magnolia Hills in Bowling Green!

We took home several awards…

Jennifer Lucas, our Online Sales Manager, was awarded the Silver Award at The Nationals during the International Builders Show in 2018 for Online Sales Counselor of the Year! The Nationals salute and honor the best in the building industry for their determination, integrity, creativity and endurance. Shortly after that, Lindsey Jagoe, our Louisville Regional Sales Manager, was highlighted in the Home Builders Association of Kentucky’s Member Profile! Lindsey is one of the pioneers of our Louisville market, which really took off in 2018! We are extremely proud of our employee’s accomplishments!

We took home THREE awards during the Southwestern Indiana Builders Association (SIBA) Parade of Homes in June. These awards included Best Kitchen and Best Exterior!

In our FIRST YEAR in the Builder Industry Association (BIA)’s Homearama in Louisville, we placed 2nd in Overall Home and Interior Design, and were also awarded “Best Closet Design” by the BIA board.

Our first year ever in Homearama was FABULOUS!

While we are proud of the awards we took home from Homearama 2018, we are mostly proud of the teamwork and impeccable effort that was put into this project by our Jagoe Homes staff! Amelia Laster, our Design & Merchandising Manager, beautifully decorated this home, while Paul DiGiorgio and his team masterfully designed its architecture. Not only did our staff work very hard on this home, our supplier, and WinSupply of Owensboro, supplied us with the kitchen, owner’s bath and owner’s closet features. It just goes to show, a project of this size involves everyone from inside the company and out, right down to the people who came to tour our Homearama home during the two-weeks it was open to see us! We are still able to build on home sites in the community where Homearama took place, Catalpa Farms, in 2019!

We participated in MAJOR Community Events, sponsorships, and many other events in all of our regions.

Each year, we pride ourselves in sponsoring and being a part of community events. We feel like being a part of the communities that we build in is very important!

We sponsored the Kiwanis Club of Owensboro’s 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off & Auction! This event supports local non-profits and was help at the Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club in Owensboro, KY.

For the third year in a row, Jagoe Homes was the proud Title Sponsor for Friday After 5, a 16-week free concert series, held every Friday from May until August on the Downtown Owensboro Riverfront. We look forward to another sponsorship opportunity with Friday After 5 in 2019!

Although we have had a sponsorship with ROMP Music Festival in previous years, in 2018 we became the Official After Party Sponsor! We also celebrated the opening of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum in October. We are looking forward to continuing this ROMP tradition in the summer of 2019!

We also sponsored the 2018 Evansville HydroFest & GP-20 Hydroplane on Labor Day Weekend for the second year in a row!

This was our first year participating in the Gaslight Festival in Jeffersontown in Louisville, KY! This is where our new community in J-Town, Brook Stone Estates, is located.

Jagoe Homes participated in many home tours in 2018: Spring Tour of Homes in Newburgh and Evansville, IN, The Tour of New Homes in Louisville, KY, Chefs on Parade and Parade of Homes in Newburgh and Evansville, IN, Parade of Homes in Owensboro, KY, Parade of Homes in Bowling Green, KY, Fall Tour of Homes in Evansville and Newburgh, IN and Owensboro, KY and finally the Christmas Tour of Homes in Owensboro, KY.

Jagoe Homes introduced 13 NEW home plans!

While many of these plans can be found in all of the regions that we build in, some are only available in select communities. These new plans introduced in 2018 include:

  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Spruce Craftsman
  3. Spruce Farmhouse
  4. Declaration Craftsman
  5. Declaration Farmhouse
  6. Revolution Craftsman
  7. Revolution Farmhouse
  8. National Farmhouse
  9. Mandolin
  10. Mandolin w/ Hobby Room
  11. Smothers
  12. Malbec
  13. Moscato


We have a new, amazing preferred lender, FBC Mortgage!

Jagoe Homes welcomed Bambi, Kevin and Kyle from FBC Mortgage into our Corporate Office this year! FBC has been such a blessing to our company and provides our home owners with competitive rates and financing incentives.

We introduced a new Realtor Reward$ program!

Beginning on January 1st, 2019, we will officially begin our new Realtor Reward$ program for realtors! At Jagoe Homes, we are committed to always having inventory for realtors to offer to their clients, and we consider ever realtor who works with us to be our partner. For this reason, we have introduced the Realtor Rewards Loyalty Program to reward the outstanding realtors in our communities! Download the Realtor Rewards App on your iPhone, or use the Web Version to start earning points today!

2018 jagoe homes review

We have A LOT of new friends!

2018 jagoe homes reviewJagoe Homes’ Social Media accounts drew in a lot of new followers this year! In 2018 alone, we have gotten 1,271 NEW Facebook followers. In addition to that, Jagoe Homes’ account has 656 Instagram followers, 41,400 monthly views on Pinterest, 251 followers on Houzz, 791 followers on Twitter and 12,547 views on YouTube. Thank you to all of our followers and friends on Social Media!

Most importantly…

Jagoe Homes hired 38 new employees this year! Out of our 117 employees, 19 of those have been with the company for over 10 YEARS! That’s amazing… what a year!

As we close this year, our most humbling statistic are the estimated 800 family members in 2018 who chose a brand new, Jagoe Home to sleep in every night. We have the utmost pride in the craftsmanship of our homes, which is something that we build to improve on every day. We will leave you in 2018 with this promise, to always ethically and responsibly conduct our home building business every day of the year, for all of our years, for all of our employees that call us their family, and for all of the families that chose Jagoe to build their home.

Happy New Year, and see you all in 2019!

Christmas Tour of Homes at Parkside 100

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Join Us for the Owensboro Symphony Christmas Tour of Homes at Parkside 100 in Downtown Owensboro

The Owensboro Symphony’s Christmas Tour of Homes will be held on December 9th from 10 AM – 2 PM. This year, Parkside 100 will be one of the homes featured in this intimate tour, aimed to highlight exquisite architecture, beautiful furnishings, and gracious hospitality. Come take a look “behind closed doors” at Parkside 100!

We are a proud sponsor of the Christmas Tour of Homes this year! In addition to Parkside 100, homes located at 905 Griffith Avenue, 1921 Mayfair Avenue, 109 E. Second Street,  and 922 Walnut Street will also be a part of the tour. Those who participate in the self-guided tour are sure to get loads of holiday decorating ideas. Each home has been spruced up with uniquely adorned Christmas trees, holiday wreaths and an array of twinkling lights, garlands, bells and bows along with several unexpected surprises.

Our Design and Merchandising Manager, Amelia Laster, eloquently furnished and decorated Parkside 100. You can Read More on Her Taste in Holiday Decor, as well as where she likes to shop and what her favorite trends are. At Parkside 100, Jagoe Homes brings our reputation for award-winning design, experience, and quality homes to the historic elegant Downtown Owensboro setting.  The condominium suites at Parkside 100 offer beautiful architectural features like large wood-clad windows, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a spacious open-concept layout.  Modern features include a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, travertine backsplash, abundant custom cabinetry and premier luxury appliances. If you cannot make the Christmas Tour of Homes, please take a Virtual Tour!

Tickets for the self-guided tour are $25 per person in advance or $30 the day of the tour. Tour tickets can be purchased from any of these local vendors: Kuntry Kutter, 122 East 18th Street; Preservation Station, 9661 State Route 56; Studio Slant, 624 Emory Drive; Trisons, 507 Frederica Street; and Welborn Floral, 920 East 4th Street.  Tickets are also available at the Symphony Office. Please call (270) 684-0661, or purchase your tickets online at the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra Website. Day-of ticket sales will be available at the Owensboro Symphony Academy, 211 East Second Street, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Light refreshments and entertainment will be provided at the Academy throughout the day.

If you would like a private tour of Parkside 100, please Contact a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant.

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