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Catalpa Farms: Homearama – Now Selling

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Catalpa Farms
At Louisville’s Homearama!

July 14-29

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At Jagoe Homes, the excitement is building for Louisville’s Homearama 2018 and for Jagoe’s new Luxury Estate Home at Catalpa Farms. The annual tour will take you through dream homes in one of the city’s newest developments, carefully planned to provide the feel of living with nature while enjoying the latest in home design and technology.

Jagoe Homes invites you to sign up for our VIP List! You’ll be among the first to receive updates on our beautiful Luxury Estate Home. Watch the construction happen as Jagoe’s elegant, spacious new home takes shape. You’ll admire the decorator touches that give the home its personalized, inviting ambiance. And you’ll enjoy watching installation of the finishing landscape plantings that say this luxury home is all settled in the Catalpa Farms neighborhood, ready to welcome you home!

Come follow along as the excitement builds as we get closer to completion and ready for you to tour the spectacular Jagoe Luxury Estate Home during Homearama 2018. You might even decide this will be your next home.

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Catalpa Farms
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