Jagoe Homes Delivers Historic Corner Stone

Jagoe Homes Delivers Historical Corner Stone to the American Legion

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Today, we were proud and honored to deliver a historical cornerstone to the members of the American Legion, Post #9 in Owensboro, Kentucky.  The cornerstone was part of the old American Legion Post located at 118 West Veterans Blvd.  Built in 1935 the cornerstone was placed in the structure on the northwest exterior corner of the building.  When Jagoe Homes purchased the building many members of the American Legion requested that Jagoe recover the cornerstone so that they could have this historical marker of the building.  It had been rumoured by many members that the cornerstone encased a time capsule, dating back to 1935. To everyone’s delight the cornerstone in fact did encase a time capsule.  Think about it, this amazing piece of history pre-dates World War II.

Jagoe Homes delivered the American Legion’s cornerstone time capsule safely to their new post.  It is being held under heavy guard at the Post #9’s new location on Frederica Street. The American Legion plans to hold a ceremony to reveal what rest inside the cornerstone time capsule at a date to be announced.

Once a date and time has been set we will make sure you are informed.  In the meantime, what do you think is in the Time Capsule? Visit our Facebook Page and Post us your thoughts.


This image shows the top of the corner stone, with its date, 1935.
Here you can see the time capsule, which is encased in the corner stone.