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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 8

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 8

And just like that… my new, Jagoe Home is framed!

There is an actual HOME on that giant slab of concrete!!

After my slab foundation was complete, framing my home was the very next step. It could have been framed the next day if our framing crews weren’t already busy with other Jagoe Homes that were in the construction pipeline before mine! Sometimes it can take up to two weeks for the framing crew to get to your job site, depending on how busy they are. Framers will also not complete a job if it is raining or we are experiencing other types of inclement weather. Of course, it rained the day that my framers were originally scheduled to come, but luckily there was no rain the next day, and VOILA!

As you can see, we try our best to keep our construction sites clean

However, this is normally where our customers get pretty excited in their building process!

Most Jagoe Homes are Framed by the Amish

Amish framers are some of the best in the business because this particular trade has been passed down through the men in their families for generations. Their attention to detail is incomparable and they take immense pride in their work. The Amish travel to our Jagoe Homes communities from Southern Indiana and Central Kentucky. On the way to the job site, the 2-12 men crew reviews and studies the home plans so that when they arrive on the site, they can easily hit the ground running. One crew can frame a home the size of mine (about 1500 square feet) in only one day. We estimate that the Amish have framed over 5,000 Jagoe Homes.

Jagoe Homes also utilizes engineered roof trusses, meaning they are already put together, which increases quality of workmanship and timeliness when framing a home. We also use certain grades of lumber of better quality in all Jagoe Homes. As we learn and grow as a home builder, we look separately at structural issues and insulation issues due to framing. This reduces thermal bridging, which is a fancy way of saying that the wood that your home is framed with, believe it or not, contributes to your homes’ energy efficiency.

There’s more to the framing stage than wood!

You can also see that all of my Sun Windows have been installed! In fact, we proudly install Sun Windows in every Jagoe Home! Sun products are designed to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. The insulated glass systems use the latest advances in energy performance technology. This includes new generation Low-E glass, Argon gas filled air spaces, and Duralite™, the most advanced warm-edge insulated glass spacer system available.

At this point in my process with FBC Mortgage, my loan has reached the underwriting stage. I’ve received a couple emails from my loan officer regarding where my loan is in the process. I also needed to present him with some recent bank statements, a copy of my driver’s license and a few other documents to help the underwriters. I’m also watching interest rates fall, which is great news for me!

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 7

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 7

My foundation is complete! After the footer for my new home was installed, the next step was my foundation block.  After the installation of the foundation block, insulation was then installed around the interior of the foundation, which helps to reduce monthly energy costs. Next, plumbing was installed, the foundation was filled with rock and the concrete floor was finally poured. That completes the foundation for my home!

Owensboro had a high of 8 degrees on Wednesday of Week 4, so some progress was delayed due to the polar vortex and freezing conditions. Then, it decided to rain for several days in Week 5 and in the beginning of Week 6. Hard rain can damage concrete as it is curing, and make it not smooth and uneven with each rain drop. This is why you never want to poor concrete in the rain. January’s weather is so wildly unpredictable. This is frustrating for me as a home owner, but I would much rather my home be structurally sound and wait a couple more days for it to be perfect.

Here’s what my home looked like during the block, insulation and plumbing phases:


home story
home story
home story


home story
home story
home story


home story
home story
home story
There are many benefits to building your new home on a concrete slab:
  • Slab foundations minimize the risk of damage from flooding or the leaking of gasses such as radon from a basement or crawl space into the house. However, all Jagoe Homes communities are built above flood plains.
  • A concrete slab can protect a home from termites or other similar insects, as they have no open spaces underneath the house that would give them access to wooden joists or supports they could chew.
  • In certain conditions, slab foundation is a very cost effective way to build your home.
  • Slab homes are often built closer to the ground than homes with basements or crawl spaces, thus reducing the number of steps it takes to enter. This can be advantageous for anyone who has a hard time getting up and down steps. A slab may be built on a higher level if the home owner prefers.
My concrete slab was installed on February 18th!

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 3

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 3

I’m starting to see activity on my home site! The footer was dug in the morning and the concrete for the footer was poured in the afternoon on Thursday, January 24th. The snow delayed progress on my home for a couple of days.

From now on, I am very careful around the construction site!  As a homeowner, I try to plan my visits after our trade partners have finished for the day.  For everyone’s safety, It’s best not to bring small children or pets to the construction site.

Last week (Week 2), I received a letter from Kim, our Loan and Closing Administrator.

The letter states that Jagoe Homes had a calculated “Estimated Closing Date,” and that this date is “to be in the approximate time frame between: May 15, 2019 and June 15, 2019.”

This letter also includes that, “an Estimated Closing Date time frame is subject to significant changing due to weather, municipalities, material shortages, etc. When your home is at the drywall stage, I (Kim), will contact you with a date and time for your Homeowner Orientation and Closing. This is usually 30 to 45 days before closing.”

The letter goes on to state that, “another big task you accomplished is your loan approval from FBC Mortgage. With that loan approval we are moving forward with the construction of your home. Your lender has approved your loan based on the current status of your financial, employment and credit ability. Keep in mind a few important things to remember during the construction process: Do not open any new credit accounts; Do not incur additional debt; No change in your current employment status that would affect income; Please be sure to provide your lender with any and all documentation as requested.”

From a home owner’s perspective…

Now, it is January, so I was definitely expecting some weather delays on pouring the concrete footer for my home. We’ve had some not-so-awesome rainy, snowy, icy, cold days here in Owensboro, Kentucky in the past couple of weeks. Pouring concrete in winter months is a tough job due to weather and shortened daylight hours. Concrete can successfully be poured in cold weather! However, concrete should never be poured on frozen ground, snow or ice.

Here is what my home site looked like after the footer was installed:


Our preferred lender, FBC Mortgage, also sent me loan documents to electronically sign the same day that I received Kim’s letter last week. This was a very quick and easy process! Make sure that you read over your loan documents carefully.

After your brand new, Jagoe Home is Production Released, be very careful not to do something that could have a negative affect on your credit score.

This could include the purchase of high-priced items or vacations. Other examples could be purchasing furniture or even a vehicle. Be sure to make all of your current payments on time, especially credit cards.   This is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life!  It’s very important to keep your credit score in excellent condition throughout the entire construction process as your closing loan officer will administer another soft pull of your credit prior to the closing date.

If you are unsure of a decision that you are making and whether it will affect your credit or not, you can always consult your loan officer!

My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 1

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 1

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 1

I think a lot of my peers in my own Millennial generation are afraid of building a new home, so I wanted to openly share my personal home building journey. As the Social Media/PR Coordinator for Jagoe Homes, I feel like this is an appropriate story for me to share with our audience.

There’s a lot of talk about transparency in government and business. I can’t really think of a better way to be more transparent with our building process than to share this with you. I am a second-time Jagoe Home owner now! While I am very familiar with our building process, I know that many people are not.

home story

What started out as an idea has now come to this point. My home was Production Released on Friday, January 11th, 2019!

In November, I finally decided that I was tired of renting and this is where the seed of this story was planted.  My apartment has been my home for three years, and I will miss it dearly. I truly love living downtown and would recommend it to anyone. But, all good things must come to an end, and who is to say that I won’t own a condo in downtown in the future? Plus, poor Hank, my 85-pound Labrador, really deserves a yard for once in his life.

So, I started creating a home estimate for myself. I already had the size and price point of the home in mind, and I knew that I wanted a ranch-style, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2-Car Garage home. Simple enough, and plenty of room for all of us. I already knew that I wanted to live in Bluegrass Commons, since I visit all of our communities frequently. This is the closest community to our office and is more centrally located in town like I wanted. You can create your own home estimate on our website.

Now that I knew how much I wanted to invest in my new home, I reached out to our preferred lender, FBC Mortgage.  They pulled my credit, which was luckily very good, and pre-approved me for a conventional loan. Before getting started on your new home, I would suggest getting pre-approved FIRST to properly establish your budget and expectations.

After the Holidays, I met with my Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant to review my home site, home plan, selections, and finalize all of my documentation. POOF – I’m ready to start building!

Well, that was easy! From about the second week of December, to the second week of January is the time frame that all of that occurred. For others, it may be quicker, or it might take a little longer.  Fortunately, I did not to have a lease on a home or have home to sell, which can really delay progress. The good news is that Jagoe Homes has programs in place to help assist you in those situations.  If your current home is standing in your way, ask a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant about our SureTrade program or about Down Payment Assistance.  If you’re a First-Time Home Buyer, and you’re not sure how to get started, they can assist you with that as well.  You can even chat with our Online Sales Counselors right now if you have any questions or would like them to set an appointment for you to come tour one of our Model Homes!

If you’d like to be my neighbor at Bluegrass Commons in Owensboro, Kentucky, please contact Mary and Shawna.

Up Next: Excavation & Footer.

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Christmas Tour of Homes at Parkside 100

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Join Us for the Owensboro Symphony Christmas Tour of Homes at Parkside 100 in Downtown Owensboro

The Owensboro Symphony’s Christmas Tour of Homes will be held on December 9th from 10 AM – 2 PM. This year, Parkside 100 will be one of the homes featured in this intimate tour, aimed to highlight exquisite architecture, beautiful furnishings, and gracious hospitality. Come take a look “behind closed doors” at Parkside 100!

We are a proud sponsor of the Christmas Tour of Homes this year! In addition to Parkside 100, homes located at 905 Griffith Avenue, 1921 Mayfair Avenue, 109 E. Second Street,  and 922 Walnut Street will also be a part of the tour. Those who participate in the self-guided tour are sure to get loads of holiday decorating ideas. Each home has been spruced up with uniquely adorned Christmas trees, holiday wreaths and an array of twinkling lights, garlands, bells and bows along with several unexpected surprises.

Our Design and Merchandising Manager, Amelia Laster, eloquently furnished and decorated Parkside 100. You can Read More on Her Taste in Holiday Decor, as well as where she likes to shop and what her favorite trends are. At Parkside 100, Jagoe Homes brings our reputation for award-winning design, experience, and quality homes to the historic elegant Downtown Owensboro setting.  The condominium suites at Parkside 100 offer beautiful architectural features like large wood-clad windows, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a spacious open-concept layout.  Modern features include a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, travertine backsplash, abundant custom cabinetry and premier luxury appliances. If you cannot make the Christmas Tour of Homes, please take a Virtual Tour!

Tickets for the self-guided tour are $25 per person in advance or $30 the day of the tour. Tour tickets can be purchased from any of these local vendors: Kuntry Kutter, 122 East 18th Street; Preservation Station, 9661 State Route 56; Studio Slant, 624 Emory Drive; Trisons, 507 Frederica Street; and Welborn Floral, 920 East 4th Street.  Tickets are also available at the Symphony Office. Please call (270) 684-0661, or purchase your tickets online at the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra Website. Day-of ticket sales will be available at the Owensboro Symphony Academy, 211 East Second Street, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Light refreshments and entertainment will be provided at the Academy throughout the day.

If you would like a private tour of Parkside 100, please Contact a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant.

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Bring Extra Cheer to Your Home this Holiday Season

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Bring Extra Cheer to Your Home this Holiday Season with Amelia’s Help

There are so many different ways to spread cheer and happiness during the holidays! Many people have already decked their halls for the season, so what are you waiting for? Amelia Laster, our Design and Merchandising Manager, has some great, simple, inexpensive tips to spruce up your Jagoe Home.

Start with your dinner table.

Even if you’re not throwing the dinner party of the year, you can really bring some life to your table with a few accents. Lush garland, wood chargers and silver candle holders make a simple and sophisticated touch. You can go a step further by adding a festival table runner or glass figurine embellishments, like these acrylic trees from Hobby Lobby.

Make white your base.

There’s no need to muck-up the clean, sleek look of your home, or slop on some green and red with your color scheme. A little fake snow makes for a perfect winter wonderland without ruining your home’s interior design. Bold pops of red can make a white canvas extra cheery! Buffalo check is one of Amelia’s favorite patterns to incorporate, which comes in red & black, as well as black & tan, if red is too bold for your taste. This also makes the perfect gift wrap!

Decorate every nook and cranny.

If you really are in the spirit… don’t reserve your best holiday decor for only the main living areas. Amelia loves to decorate her kid’s rooms with their own “special” trees. Walmart carries a wide array of affordable, artificial trees that come in all sorts of colors! Also, entry ways can make a huge welcome statement. Put your family and guests in the giving mood as soon as they walk through the door with evergreen clippings, pine cones and a cozy blanket.

Opt in for modern ornaments.

We know your favorites are always going to be your mother’s old-fashioned, paper ornaments. Give your tree a fun, minimalist twist with geometric gold ornaments, like these at Target. Amelia also loves to incorporate something that sparkles in the middle of the tree. It really pops off the lights from within and makes the tree sparkle more!

Go natural.

Take inspiration from nature for your decorating scheme. Fresh evergreen boughs, garlands and wreaths combined with in-season citrus like lemons, tangerines and oranges can give your home a beautiful, natural look. Or, go look around in your backyard to see what pine cones or tree clippings you can find. Decorating pine cones can be a fun activity for your family – all that you need is glitter and spray paint!

Stage a holiday “shelfie.”

Shelves constantly beg for an update and a change. They are the perfect holiday vignette that you can easily organize with seasonal cheer. Mix in bowls of ornaments, tabletop trees (like the aforementioned acrylic trees) and other holiday accents like holly sprigs.

Add sparkle to unexpected places.

Deviate from the normal, traditional outdoor lighting, but only if Mr. Griswold will let you! Try draping them around trellis, birdbaths and other unique landscaping fixtures to illuminate your yard during the holidays. Added bonus – if you really, really like them, you can keep them around during the warmer months for more intimate outdoor lighting.

For more tips from Amelia, join our Design Owensboro Group and follow our Pinterest Page!

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How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit

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How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit – Get Ready for Fall!

Your backyard is probably one of your favorite places to spend the summer. Whether your time is spent in your pool, grilling out with neighbors or enjoying a glass of wine, watching the sunset from your patio, the days of summer will certainly be missed.

However, the coming of the Fall season doesn’t mean you have to abandon the comfort of your backyard! As the temperatures cool, this is the perfect time for you to do some yard maintenance, and if you’re feeling particularly crafty, a backyard fire pit is the perfect project for you!

What you’ll need:
  • A backyardbackyard fire pit
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Tamper (masher)
  • Steel Rake
  • Shovel
  • Sand
  • Cast Concrete Wall Stones
  • Cap Stones

Disclaimer: Before  you begin building your backyard fire pit, check the building codes in your area to get the proper specs and regulations. Choose a location that is at least 10 feet away from your home, and away from any low-hanging trees or other structures. Also take precautions when digging holes so that you do not hit any utility lines.

Steps to building your fire pit:
  1. Clear away any grass that may be growing in the location of your fire pit.
  2. Lay out your Cap Stones in a circle in the spot that you selected.
  3. After you have your pit roughed out, dig approximately 12 inches or 1 foot into the ground to create a pit, equal to the diameter of the interior circle that is made by your Cap Stones (approximately 36 – 44 inches, depending on how many stones you use).
  4. Pour sand into the bottom of the hole and tamp (mash) the sand so that it is level.
  5. Make sure that the sand is level.
  6. Begin to lay your Wall Stones around the perimeter of the pit. Continue stacking the stones so that they are 12 inches or 1 foot above the surrounding ground.
  7. Pour a layer of sand into the ring of stones so that it covers the first layer, approximately 4 inches deep. Tamp the sand until it is level.
If you are not the crafty type, you can easily purchase a fire pit! Many fire pits can cost up to $1,000, but there are also plenty of budget friendly options:

Hammered Copper Fire Pit backyard fire pit

Traditional Stone Look

Sleek Iron Disk

Sphere Pit

Tabletop Fireplace

Make an Appointment to Start Building your Brand New, Jagoe Home, or Personalize and Price Your Home Online!

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Winsupply Supplies Jagoe Homes in Homearama

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Winsupply of Owensboro Supplies Jagoe Homes with Kitchen, Owner’s Bath and Owner’s Closet Features in Homearama

winsupplyWinsupply of Owensboro is proud to offer products by some of the best brands in the industry. At Jagoe Homes, we take pride in knowing that a partnership with Winsupply is extremely beneficial for us as the builder and for our home owners. They offer the benefits of local accountability, along with the advantages of being a large, nationwide supplier!



Kitchen Features:

Cabinet Designer: Marie Hayden with Winsupply of Owensboro

Cabinet manufacturer:  Phill’s Custom Cabinets

Kitchen design features 105” tall cabinets with 4 1/4” crown molding at the ceiling.  Upper cabinets are stacked vertically with the uppermost units having decorative glass inserts.   Cabinets are solid wood using Maple painted in Stock White on the perimeter with the island cabinets painted Fossil.  Door and drawer style is Shaker featuring soft close glides and hinges.  Drawers have the dovetailed joinery for strength and stability.  Custom end panels surround the island.

Kitchen design features include an appliance garage with upswing hinges, 2 tall spice pull out storage units by Rev-A-Shelf, dual trash can roll out, decorative posts and corbels by Hardware Resources, floating shelves by Phill’s Cabinets and decorative knobs and pulls by Amerock.   All cabinet doors and drawers have the soft-closing mechanisms.

Kitchen countertop is Hanstone quartz in Tranquility, supplied by Bison Countertops out of Nashville, TN.  Farm sink is made of fired clay supplied by DXV/American Standard.  Kitchen faucet is Fresno by DXV/American Standard.

Kitchen Pendant lighting is from Kichler Lighting. It is the Downtown Deco Series in polished nickel.



Owner’s Bath Features

Cabinet Designer: Marie Hayden with Winsupply of Owensboro

Cabinet manufacturer: Phill’s Custom Cabinets

Bath design features solid Maple cabinets painted Stock White.  Door and drawer style is Shaker with dovetailed drawers boxes and soft close hinges and glides.  Upper cabinets are designed to be staggered at 90”/96”  height with 4 1/4” crown molding.  Upper cabinet has decorative glass inserts.  Vanity bases feature a decorative, arched toekick.

Included in this layout is pull out storage for blow dryer and curling iron by Rev-A-Shelf.  Decorative knobs and pulls by Amerock.

Vanity countertops are Hanstone quartz in Tranquility, supplied by Bison Countertops out of Nashville, TN.  Undermounted vanity sinks are Vitreous china and sink faucets are from the Randall collection in polished chrome by DXV/American Standard.  The freestanding tub is the Oak Hill Collection grouped with the traditional floor faucet from DXV/American Standard.

Owners Bath Sconces and LED cabinet lighting is from Kichler lighting. Scones are from the Piper Collection in the Expresso finish.

Owners Bath Mirrors are The Reynolds with a black frame from Renwil.



Owner’s Walk-In Closet Features

Cabinet Designer: Marie Hayden with Owensboro Winsupply

Cabinet manufacturer: Phill’s Custom Cabinets

Closet design features solid Maple cabinets painted Stock White.  Shelving units feature fully adjustable wood shelving.  Bench seat has a hinged wood top for added storage.  Includes tall drawer base storage also.  Decorative knobs and pulls by Amerock.

Owners closet lighting is the Piper series in Expresso from Kichler lighting.

Thank you, Winsupply of Owensboro, for being our Home Town Supplier!

Paul DiGiorgio Masterfully Designs Homearama

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Paul DiGiorgio Masterfully Designs Homearama – Jagoe Homes Architecture and Planning

paul digiorgioMany Jagoe Homes begin as an idea, a dream even, but all Jagoe Homes that were built in the past eight years have started as a blank page on Paul DiGiorgio’s desk. Paul is the in-house architect and the Vice President of Architecture at Jagoe Homes, and has been for just over eight years. When asked how he got started in his career, Paul explains that, “in elementary school I would design houses for fun while my friends were drawing tanks and trucks. By the time I was in sixth grade, I knew I wanted to be an architect.”

Paul DiGiorgio and his team are the masterminds behind our 2018 Homearama home in Fisherville, KY. Paul states that, “this home really required all of our departments in Jagoe Homes to hone in on the criteria presented to us.  Being our first Homearama home, we needed to make sure everything that we put into it was going to be successful. We wanted to be cost-conscious, so we asked ourselves if a buyer would be willing to pay for that every time we introduced a new material or product. As for the design of the home, we started with an analysis of the lot characteristics and features to know where the best views would be so that we could position our home for the best possible outcome. From there we determined who the potential buyer could be and what they would want in their home.”

Ask anyone who works for Jagoe Homes, and they will agree that putting together a project like this truly takes an army. Throughout Paul DiGiorgio’s career, and his 20 plus years of designing for home builders, he has been involved with homes with a wide price range – from homes with the smallest possible footprint and budget, all the way to open-ended budgets that goes well into the millions. For Paul, “listening is the first step to creating thoughtful design that exceeds expectation.”


paul digiorgio


What is the Architectural Style of this home?

The architectural style of this home is sometimes referred to as Mountain, because it looks rustic with its dark, natural tones and utilizes stone and several Craftsman-inspired elements.

What is your favorite part about this home?

I tend to get passionate about the work I do, so this house has several things that would be my favorite! I really love the porch size and position with its flared stone sides, and how it leads into the upper gable with its window nestled between the roof lines for a quaint sitting area upstairs. Our designer, Jonathan Carter, who masterfully details these plans to be built, has the same favorite feature inside the home. Our attention immediately goes to the dining room where the wood beam ceiling ascends to a high cathedral with lots of windows that frame a fantastic view.

What challenges did you face with this project?

I think the biggest challenge I faced was not really knowing what the other builders would do. When I design a new home, I want to know what our competition is doing and then compare that to what we are doing so I can design something that has unique features for the size and the price. Since this was our first Homearama, we referred back to previous events and thought about how our home should look based on all the great things we’ve seen year after year.

What was your process in designing this home? Can it be replicated?

One of the key things that made me excited to join the Jagoe Homes team was seeing the process we use and the tools to facilitate a good process. These steps were very important to the ownership and were already in place.  We strive to have all of the information online for potential buyers to be able to build their own homes in our communities on an actual lot. Our website and the data we publish makes it very transparent as to what the home would cost and how you can Personalize & Price a Jagoe Home with all the selections in our system.  Even a buyer who wants to build on their own land can see the base price of a home and then customize it using our system to see what everything costs.

paul digiorgio

How is this home built Energy Smart?

The standards that we set for ourselves are much higher then what the standard building code says they have to be. I’ve heard it said that building code is just a passing grade, which could generally be a ’D’ grade. We could never be satisfied with that, nor should our customers.  We have truly put our money where our mouth is by offering incentive programs centered around energy costs because we go to great extents to design and build our homes the best way possible. Making sure the mechanical trades have the best possible layouts for what they need to provide and then using the right products to facilitate those designs are all happening on paper before we even think to offer the home for sale. When all those components come together correctly, like the position and location of the furnace with its duct work, the ability to get lighting where you need it while not interfering with the plumber and HV AC components,  all have to be communicated so the home owner can experience the comfort of living in an Energy Smart home.

What future Jagoe Homes projects are you most excited for?

We are fortunate to always have new developments that we’re getting into, so I’m always excited to see how our product competes and if we need to design something new for our buyers. I’m hoping Homerama leads to custom home buyers wanting to experience what a lifestyle is like in a Jagoe Home. We have tried several different home styles besides Craftsman, Mountain, Tudor and even Victorian, but I’m most looking forward to introducing farmhouse style elevations very soon! After that we could see something more like modern style elevations.

Additional comments from Paul DiGiorgio:

When you see a finished product like our Homearama home, you can bet our team is excited in having put our best effort into it.  From your first impression standing at the curb and then experiencing the plan as you walk through it, to the furnishings and the trendy design touches, an entire team of staff members that comprises every aspect of the home building industry has come together to make it happen.  There’s too many people to list, but our team has been one of the best working experiences I’ve had in this industry. They are passionate professionals who are so good at what they do. It often amazes me at how much we accomplish together, and we are all thankful in being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in Homearama this year.

Personalize & Price your New Jagoe Home today!

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Amelia Laster Puts the Finishing Touches on Homearama

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Amelia Laster Puts the Finishing Touches on Homearama: Our Design and Merchandising Manager Gives Tips & Details on The Jefferson’s Interior Design

Amelia Laster, our Design and Merchandising manager completes the finishing touches on Jagoe Homes’ Homearama entry. The luxurious Jefferson Craftsman home is masterfully designed for family living and ultimate entertaining. You can tour this home at Catalpa Farms, a Conservation Community in Fisherville, Kentucky, located just east of Louisville, Kentucky. The Builder Industry Association of Louisville hosts this annual event to showcase custom built new homes at a single site. Each home is fully-furnished, landscaped and features the latest in building trends, technology and interior design.

While about 30,000 people attend the event each year, some of the most common questions are, “where did you get that table,” or, “how much was that sofa,” or, “where can I find that countertop?” Jagoe Homes’ 2018 Homearama home features a multitude of innovations such as an abundance of oversized windows, a floor to ceiling linear tile Plazmafire fireplace and cathedral ceiling with wood beam detail, just to name a few.

Much of the awe this home radiates comes from its construction, but it’s beautifully capped off by Amelia Laster’s interior design details. “With every Jagoe Model Home, I sit down with our VP of Product, Lindsey Hughes, and we discuss the demographic of our buyer in that area,” Amelia states. “I do research on current interior design trends and then play a matching game and select those trends that will grab the attention of the buyer we are targeting. Not long ago I did a Facebook poll with three different trends and paid attention to the age group and life stage that selected each trend. That helped tremendously because THEY told me what they wanted to see.”

During the process, Amelia says that once I have an interior design scheme in mind, she works with the VP of Product, Lindsey Hughes, and the VP of Architecture, Paul DiGiorgio, to finalize the floor plan, features and color selections based on the overall design scheme. “For example,” Amelia details, “for our Homearama home we wanted to be on trend with an open, modern and airy floor plan featuring an amazing kitchen, entertaining space and an Owner’s Suite that would WOW. Navy has been a strong color for the last few years, and it has stayed on top because of its ability to work in any design. By pairing it with black and white and adding touches of chrome, wood and leather, we were able to make the home feel modern and fresh. The use of tufting and nail head details in the upholstered furniture added traditional touches that bring the design to the transitional side of modern, broadening the appeal.

Amelia on her favorite places to shop: “I’m a Trade Partner with several companies and can purchase at wholesale, so I buy from all over. I do 90% of my shopping online because it aids me in planning out the home. I also use Pinterest to create design boards. I always try to Pin a clickable link that homeowners can purchase through if they see something in one of our homes they would like to have for themselves. If I need some retail therapy, you’ll find me at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target, and Marshalls. With each home, I like to add touches that represent the community, so I’ll seek out local artisans and boutiques to purchase those items.”


Exterior Home Features:

amelia laster

Elevation & Floorplan
Presidential series, Custom Home Elevation featuring brick, stone and LP siding highlighted with architectural accents
Energy Smart
Exterior Features
Brampton Brick (Brownstone) with (Rustic Brown) mortar; Centurion Stone (Ledgestone Bucks County); LP Smartside Board and Batten (Bark)
30 Year GAF Dimensional Roof Shingles (Barkwood) and 3-Tab Shingle Ridge Gap
Extended driveway, front porch and sidewalk in exposed aggregate finish
Front Door Entry
Belleville Mahogany Textured Stained (Llano) with 4 Lite Clear Glass and two Kwikset Tavaris Handlesets (Chrome)
Garage Doors
(1) 16′ X 7′ & (1) 9′ X 8′ Clopay Gallery Collection Insulated Single Bay Garage Door (Ultragrain Oak Walnut Finish) each with Garage Door Opener and 2 Transmitters
Sun Windows Low E Double Hung Windows with full screens and 1″ simulated divide grille
Fully-Sodded Yard with Deluxe Landscape package and irrigation system


Entire Home Features:

amelia laster

Ceiling Height
9′ Ceiling Height throughout the first floor, Cathedral Ceiling with beam detail in the Dining Area, and Coffer Detail in the Owner’s Suite
Sherwin Williams Duration Matte Interior Paint primary walls and ceilings (Extra White); Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3 and Bedroom 4 (Repose Gray); Study and Theatre Room (Gauntlet Gray); Drop Zone and Basement Bar (Charcoal Blue); Kitchen Island and Range Hood (Dovetail)
Interior Doors
Masonite Single Panel Recessed Lincoln Park (Extra White) with Baldwin Crystal Knob (Chrome) on the main level; Kwikset Halifax Lever Interior Door Hardware (Chrome) upstairs and in the basement
Craftsman Style Trim package with Flat Ultralite Door & Window Casing, 7 ¼” Base and 5 ¼” Crown; Additional trim details include Open Stairs, Kitchen Island, Owner’s Suite Ceiling, Dining Area Cathedral Ceiling with Beams, Wainscoting on Study Walls, Fireplace Built-In, Owner’s Bath Commode Closet Built-In, Custom Owner’s Closet, Custom Cabinetry in Owner’s Bath, Custom Trim Detail in Theater Room, and Built-In Drop Zone at Family Entry
Winsupply – cabinets, light fixtures and plumbing fixtures
Faucets & Fixtures
DXV Faucets and Fixtures throughout most of the home
Kichler Lighting Fixtures throughout the entire home and additional accent lighting
Bella Cera – Villa Bocelli (Hickory Carrono)Hardwood Flooring throughout the main floor; Mohawk Woodlands Luxury Vinyl Tile (Whiskey Barrel) throughout the main living areas in the basement and Metro Station Carpet (Penthouse) throughout second floor, Bedroom 4 and Theater Room with 8# Moisture Barrier Carpet Pad
Phill’s Custom Cabinets Custom Built Wood Cabinetry
Cabinet Hardware
USB Outlets
Laundry Room, Kitchen and Owner’s Suite


Kitchen Features:

Phill’s Custom Cabinets Shaker Door (Super White), Wall Cabinets to ceiling with illuminated glass doors, supplied by Winsupply
Phill’s Custom Cabinets Painted Wood Hood (Sherwin Williams, Dovetail)
Phill’s Custom Cabinets Large Island with Decorative Trim Detail
Emser Subway Tile Backsplash (White) with Polished Chrome Jolly Trim and Pewter Grout
Phill’s Custom Cabinets 3-Centimeter Quartz (Tranquility)
DXV Apron Front Sink
GE Black Slate Appliance Package (Gas Cooktop, Built-In Microwave, Wall Oven, Beverage Center, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Refrigerator with Built-In Keurig)


Living Room Features:

amelia laster

Linear Tile floor to ceiling Napoleon Plazmafire Fireplace with Black Surround
A/V Niche
Phill’s Custom Cabinets A/V Niche in Custom Built-In Cabinetry
Fireplace Surround
Daltile Ceramic 12″ X 24″ Tile (Florentine) with (Warm Gray) grout


Owner’s Bath Features:

amelia laster

Floor Tile
Daltile Ceramic 12″ X 24″ Tile (Florentine) with (Warm Gray) grout
Phill’s Custom Cabinets 3-Centimeter Quartz (Tranquility)
DXV Undermount Rectangular Bowls
Daltile Ceramic Shower with AG Glass Frameless Hinged Black door, Recessed Niche and Bench Seat; DXV Rain Head and Hand Held Spray
DXV Oakhill Free Standing Tub with Tile Surround
Renwil Reynolds Mirrors with Black Frame


Basement Features:

amelia laster

Phill’s Custom Cabinets Custom Basement Bar (Sherwin Williams, Charcoal Blue) with TV and A/V incorporated in the wood cabinetry with glass front doors, supplied by Winsupply
Phill’s Custom Cabinets 3-Centimeter Quartz (Tranquility)
AG Glass Mirrored Backsplash
GE Stainless Steel Appliance Package (Microwave, Dishwasher, Refrigerator)
Bar Stools


Theatre Room Features:

amelia laster

Apple TV
Apple TV 4K – 64GB
Sound Bar
JBL Bar 5.1 Home Theatre

BenQ DLP HD 1080p 3D Projector; BenQ CMOOG3 Projector Mount

BlueRigger In-Wall 4K HDMI Cable 


Laundry Room Features:

amelia laster

Washer & Dryer
GE Washer and Dryer (diamond Gray) located in separate laundry room
Formica (Carrara Bianco Etchings)
Swanstone Laundry Sink (Black)
Daltile Beehive (Black, Gray and White) with (Pewter) grout


Powder Room Features:

DXV Oak Hill Lavatory Console
Renwil Reynolds Mirrors with Black Frame


All Jagoe Homes are Built Energy Smart:amelia laster
Energy Smart
Tankless Water Heater
A.O. Smith tankless water heater
Air Conditioning
Carrier 14 Seer Air Conditioning and 92% Plus High Efficiency Gas Home Furnace with Programmable Thermostat
Honeywell Fresh Air Ventilation System

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