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Downtown Owensboro: Where Everything Happens

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A View from the Top of Downtown Living – a True Resident’s Perspective

There’s nothing quite like living in Downtown Owensboro. It’s everything that I love – the people, the hustle and bustle, the parks, the events, the nightlife and the restaurants. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to walk twenty feet to your front door after having a few at the local watering hole after work. Life is just simpler walking to church or your friends house or, in the most ideal circumstance, even your job. Who doesn’t need that little bit of extra exercise on a warm, sunny day on a stroll down by the river or playing with your children at the park? That’s probably why I couldn’t imagine myself living outside of this downtown setting.

City and country living are not as opposite as you think. In fact, I believe Downtown Owensboro blends the best of both worlds. What do you envision when you think of quaint suburban life? Pleasant neighborhood parks almost always come to mind. For some, this contrasts with their vision of city life as living in a concrete jungle. Owensboro is home to the world-renowned Smothers Park on the riverfront, which displays a couple infamous concrete trees that actually double as a handicapped access bridge on the playground. There is something for everyone to do downtown – take a look around the next time you’re there!

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You can also get a bit of country tranquility from living and working at higher altitudes. Downtown Owensboro is vibrant and offers continuous action and movement. While most of the time this is exciting and enjoyable, we all seek a retreat to spend time alone or in a quiet place. Taller buildings allow you to rise above the din – literally, taking solace in a home above the street level.

If you do happen to find yourself becoming a city dweller, try to remember how enticing your downtown home is for friends and family to visit. Rather than lamenting another trip to the sleepy suburbs, those closest to you can’t wait to come back! Once they arrive, you’ll have endless opportunities to show them new corners of the Owensboro you love. From aforementioned parks to the famed International Bluegrass Museum and unique shopping experiences, the downtown life puts you in the heart of it all.



Sure, I enjoy the weekend getaway to the country side or the lake just as much as anyone else, but it’s the excitement of Downtown Owensboro that I like to call home. It’s here that I walk my dog, I take my nieces and nephews to play at the park, I walk to dinner with my family, I entertain business associates at the restaurant around the corner, I visit with friends on the riverfront and often just visit with myself and my labrador as I watch the barges tug by.

I have a lot of skeptics who ask me why in the world I would want to live in Downtown Owensboro, and maybe I can’t convince everyone, but I have certainly convinced many who are tired of mowing their front yard. I have friends that visit from Nashville and Lexington and the like. I take them onto our rooftop during the Air Show to watch the jets fly overhead, and their eyes widen. I take them down to Friday After 5 for free summer concerts, and they dance. I make them stand in line for twenty minutes to get a chicken that’s been barbecued for five hours at BBQ Fest, and they get back in line for more. “I like it here,” they say.

No offense to my big-city buddies, but the reason they like it in Downtown Owensboro so much is because they get a more intimate taste of what they experience in their own city every day. You get to live in a downtown setting without the traffic or the crime or anxious feeling of getting somewhere that’s really close quickly and safely. There’s your feel-good feeling you were looking for. Now you feel home in downtown.




Now you too can experience what I love so much about Downtown Owensboro: Where Everything Happens! At Parkside 100, Jagoe Homes brings our reputation from award-winning design, experience, and quality homes to this historic elegant setting. Located at 100 Allen Street, the condominium suites offer beautiful architectural features such as wood-clad windows, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a spacious, open-concept layout that’s perfect for any family. Modern features also adorn the homes with gourmet kitchens, embellished with beautiful granite countertops, travertine backslashes, custom cabinetry and premier luxury appliances.

Your neighborhood at Parkside 100 is a lively Downtown Owensboro experience. Whatever the occasion, or whatever your hunger, you will find eateries for every appetite. Step outside your door and explore the distinctively different and uniquely inspired shops of Downtown Owensboro. You will find yourself in the heart of the city’s premier community events because there is always something to do in downtown!

Move Up to the Luxury Suites at Parkside 100 and Enjoy Carefree Living in Downtown Owensboro!

louise murdock
About the Author: Louise Murdock is the Social Media/PR Coordinator at Jagoe Homes. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Louise has now lived in Downtown Owensboro with her yellow labrador, Hank, for three years. Her favorite Downtown Owensboro restaurants are The Famous Bisto and Lure Seafood & Grille; her favorite downtown events are Friday After 5 and the BBQ Festival. She is looking forward to concerts on the new lawn of the International Bluegrass Museum in the near future. Louise also enjoys taking her doggo on long walks by the river.