Jagoe Homes Touches the Past with the American Legion

Jagoe Homes Touches the Past with the American Legion, Post #9

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Legion Time Capsule Opening 012Yesterday, Jagoe Homes had the opportunity and the honor of witnessing the James L. Yates American Legion, Post #9 opening of their historical time capsule from 1935.  Jagoe Homes, along with the help of Yeiser Excavating, delivered the corner stone to the American Legion only weeks before.  Upon removing the corner stone from the original American Legion building, the rumored time capsule was discovered encased inside of the stone.  This was a surprise, since no one, including the current members of the American Legion, knew for a fact that the corner stone contained this incredible piece of history.

Terry Mathis, the standing Commander of the American Legion, Post #9, carefully opened the capsule yesterday evening in front of an overwhelmingly large crowd.  Terry, along with other members, had no clue as to what would be inside.  Once it was finally opened, Terry revealed what had been hidden away from any human hand for 76 years – timeless pieces of old newspapers, photographs, membership lists, a Bible, letters and advertisements from businesses, some businesses that are still here, and some that are not, and a beautifully written letter dedicating the old building to the men and women who died for their country in World War I and anyone who was to serve in our nation’s military in the future.  The amount of history the time capsule held spread across the table, some piled on top of each other.

The American Legion has plans for these historical documents and pieces of their past.  They will most likely be displayed in a glass case in the front entry way in their new building on Frederica Street in Owensboro.  However, these plans are not yet confirmed.  The American Legion presented us with a special surprise as well – one of the 200-300 bricks that were saved from the original building.

Legion Time Capsule Opening 055
Bill, Scott, and Alex Jagoe pictured with Terry Mathis, Commander of the American Legion, Post #9, along with other members of the post, and Mayor Ron Payne.
Legion Time Capsule Opening 053
Mayor Ron Payne admiring the history of what was inside the time capsule.
Legion Time Capsule Opening 024
Here you can see the actual corner stone, in which the time capsule was encased inside of.
Legion Time Capsule Opening 009
A packed house for the opening of the time capsule.
Legion Time Capsule Opening 004
Commander Terry Mathis preparing for the ceremony.
Legion Time Capsule Opening 002
Thank you for your service!
From all at Jagoe Homes, we thank you. This brick from the original building, dedicated to us by the American Legion, is currently displayed in our corporate office.