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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 13

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 13

Our Loan and Closing Administrator, Kim, set my OFFICIAL Closing Date on my Brand New Energy Smart Jagoe Home for April 30th!

It’s been just over two months since Week 1 of my home building process.  Last week, drywall was completed, and the first coat of paint was applied. This week, crews are installing my exterior vinyl, interior floor laminate and interior wood trim and doors. After that, it gets really fun, for me at least, when tile work begins, and my granite countertops are installed in the kitchen and owner’s bath!

So, this is what the interior of the kitchen and living area looked like after the first coat of paint:
home story
home story
home story


Then things got serious. Just a few days later, the floor was installed, the cabinets were finished, AND they even started on my tile shower…
home story
home story


There were some Personalized Options that I really wanted in my home in Owensboro.

I’m obsessed with interior design. It’s so much more than colors and furniture. Amelia Laster, AKBD, Jagoe Homes’ Design & Merchandising Manager, does a fantastic job on our Model Homes! You can view all of our Model Homes on our Pinterest Page and pin ideas to your own board. You can also follow our Design Owensboro Facebook Page for fun polls, ideas and shared content from other design pages. If you’re a more visual person, or enjoy an interactive experience, you can even take Video Tours and Virtual Tours of Jagoe Home plans!

Before I started building this home in Bluegrass Commons, I was set on a gray pallet on the exterior. As you can see, my exterior selections reflect a brown pallet.

home story


I completely changed my mind because I love the brick that I selected [Brampton Brick in Monroe], and when I decided to go with the brown colored mortar, that sealed the deal for me. I love it and think it looks great! As for the interior, I’ve been a fan of stark, white walls since I saw our 2018 Homearama Home. I own a lot of colorful artwork, so the white walls [Sherwin Williams in Extra White] will be a nice background for my paintings. I also decided that I did not want any carpet in my home, so I just went with the wood-look vinyl throughout. The vinyl [ArmorCore in Steel Wool] looks really nice, is easy to replace if damaged and is scratch resistant from my large dog. This is also an area that I chose to SAVE money on options.

Where I chose to spend more money on options was in my kitchen and owner’s bath! I splurged on granite countertops [Precision Stoneworks, 3 cm granite in Uba Tuba], black slate appliances [GE Appliances], subway tile backsplash [Emser Tile in 3″ X 16″ in white with black grout], Blanco kitchen sink, floating shelves and an extended kitchen island where I wanted to add an extra drawer for a trash can. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a trash can in my island, since my home plan [Summit Craftsman] doesn’t have a large pantry to keep another one in. I also installed quiet-close drawers in the kitchen and owner’s bath and went with a tile shower instead of a tub/shower stall in the owner’s bath, as well as granite countertops and a double bowl vanity. My kitchen is DEFINITELY my favorite room in my home!

Other aspects of my home that I decided to add options such as; double-hung windows [Sun Windows], widened doors in a few areas, extended concrete patio off of the covered patio and extra storage space in the garage with pull-down stairs. Double-hung windows differ from single-hung in that they offer the homeowner the ability to open each sash, rather than just the bottom sash. This allows for better airflow and ventilation. The ability to open and tilt each sash makes cleaning easier, too. The widened, 3′ doors [Masonite, 5 panel] make the seemingly “tight” spaces in the home feel more open, specifically the garage-to-home door, laundry room door, and owner’s suite door.  This will especially be handy when moving in!  The 10′ extra concrete addition will allow more space for outdoor lounging and grilling, and the extra storage space in the garage will be useful for storing Holiday decorations and boxes of old t-shirts that I just didn’t have the heart to give away.

You can Personalize & Price a Jagoe Home TODAY on Our Website!

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