Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary Students Benefit from Newspaper - Jagoe Homes

Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary Students Benefit from Newspaper

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A simple article in a newspaper can make a difference in a child’s life in the classroom.  At Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School in Bowling Green, our New Home Sales Consultant, Mark Froehlich, recently paid a visit to Ms. Woods’ first grade class.  Mark passed out actual currency to the class and played a game with them to teach them how budgeting works and how to save money on larger purchases, such as a home.

newspaperThey were extremely elated and surprised when they were able to keep the money as a gift at the end of Mark’s lesson.

Mark received a letter from Ms. Woods, thanking him for his inspiring and educating lesson which reads:

newspaper“Dear Jagoe Homes,

Thank you for sponsoring The Daily News for my classroom.  The students are excited to see the newspaper delivered each week.  They use it to find sentences, paragraphs, and punctuation marks.  They enjoy highlighting words they know and counting to see how many.  Kid Scoop, their favorite [column], is an excellent way to practice grammar skills while having fun.  Thanks so much for supporting my class by providing the newspaper each week.”