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Paul DiGiorgio Masterfully Designs Homearama

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Paul DiGiorgio Masterfully Designs Homearama – Jagoe Homes Architecture and Planning

paul digiorgioMany Jagoe Homes begin as an idea, a dream even, but all Jagoe Homes that were built in the past eight years have started as a blank page on Paul DiGiorgio’s desk. Paul is the in-house architect and the Vice President of Architecture at Jagoe Homes, and has been for just over eight years. When asked how he got started in his career, Paul explains that, “in elementary school I would design houses for fun while my friends were drawing tanks and trucks. By the time I was in sixth grade, I knew I wanted to be an architect.”

Paul DiGiorgio and his team are the masterminds behind our 2018 Homearama home in Fisherville, KY. Paul states that, “this home really required all of our departments in Jagoe Homes to hone in on the criteria presented to us. Being our first Homearama home, we needed to make sure everything that we put into it was going to be successful. We wanted to be cost-conscious, so we asked ourselves if a buyer would be willing to pay for that every time we introduced a new material or product. As for the design of the home, we started with an analysis of the lot characteristics and features to know where the best views would be so that we could position our home for the best possible outcome. From there we determined who the potential buyer could be and what they would want in their home.”

Ask anyone who works for Jagoe Homes, and they will agree that putting together a project like this truly takes an army. Throughout Paul DiGiorgio’s career, and his 20 plus years of designing for home builders, he has been involved with homes with a wide price range – from homes with the smallest possible footprint and budget, all the way to open-ended budgets that goes well into the millions. For Paul, “listening is the first step to creating thoughtful design that exceeds expectation.”


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What is the Architectural Style of this home?

The architectural style of this home is sometimes referred to as Mountain, because it looks rustic with its dark, natural tones and utilizes stone and several Craftsman-inspired elements.

What is your favorite part about this home?

I tend to get passionate about the work I do, so this house has several things that would be my favorite! I really love the porch size and position with its flared stone sides, and how it leads into the upper gable with its window nestled between the roof lines for a quaint sitting area upstairs. Our designer, Jonathan Carter, who masterfully details these plans to be built, has the same favorite feature inside the home. Our attention immediately goes to the dining room where the wood beam ceiling ascends to a high cathedral with lots of windows that frame a fantastic view.

What challenges did you face with this project?

I think the biggest challenge I faced was not really knowing what the other builders would do. When I design a new home, I want to know what our competition is doing and then compare that to what we are doing so I can design something that has unique features for the size and the price. Since this was our first Homearama, we referred back to previous events and thought about how our home should look based on all the great things we’ve seen year after year.

What was your process in designing this home? Can it be replicated?

One of the key things that made me excited to join the Jagoe Homes team was seeing the process we use and the tools to facilitate a good process. These steps were very important to the ownership and were already in place. We strive to have all of the information online for potential buyers to be able to build their own homes in our communities on an actual lot. Our website and the data we publish makes it very transparent as to what the home would cost and how you can Personalize & Price a Jagoe Home with all the selections in our system.  Even a buyer who wants to build on their own land can see the base price of a home and then customize it using our system to see what everything costs.

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How is this home built Energy Smart?

The standards that we set for ourselves are much higher then what the standard building code says they have to be. I’ve heard it said that building code is just a passing grade, which could generally be a ’D’ grade. We could never be satisfied with that, nor should our customers.  We have truly put our money where our mouth is by offering incentive programs centered around energy costs because we go to great extents to design and build our homes the best way possible. Making sure the mechanical trades have the best possible layouts for what they need to provide and then using the right products to facilitate those designs are all happening on paper before we even think to offer the home for sale. When all those components come together correctly, like the position and location of the furnace with its duct work, the ability to get lighting where you need it while not interfering with the plumber and HV AC components,  all have to be communicated so the home owner can experience the comfort of living in an Energy Smart home.

What future Jagoe Homes projects are you most excited for?

We are fortunate to always have new developments that we’re getting into, so I’m always excited to see how our product competes and if we need to design something new for our buyers. I’m hoping Homerama leads to custom home buyers wanting to experience what a lifestyle is like in a Jagoe Home. We have tried several different home styles besides Craftsman, Mountain, Tudor and even Victorian, but I’m most looking forward to introducing farmhouse style elevations very soon! After that we could see something more like modern style elevations.

Additional comments from Paul DiGiorgio:

When you see a finished product like our Homearama home, you can bet our team is excited in having put our best effort into it.  From your first impression standing at the curb and then experiencing the plan as you walk through it, to the furnishings and the trendy design touches, an entire team of staff members that comprises every aspect of the home building industry has come together to make it happen.  There’s too many people to list, but our team has been one of the best working experiences I’ve had in this industry. They are passionate professionals who are so good at what they do. It often amazes me at how much we accomplish together, and we are all thankful in being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in Homearama this year.

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