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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 3

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My Personal Jagoe Home Story: Week 3

I’m starting to see activity on my home site! The footer was dug in the morning and the concrete for the footer was poured in the afternoon on Thursday, January 24th. The snow delayed progress on my home for a couple of days.

From now on, I am very careful around the construction site! As a homeowner, I try to plan my visits after our trade partners have finished for the day.  For everyone’s safety, It’s best not to bring small children or pets to the construction site.

Last week (Week 2), I received a letter from Kim, our Loan and Closing Administrator.

The letter states that Jagoe Homes had a calculated “Estimated Closing Date,” and that this date is “to be in the approximate time frame between: May 15, 2019 and June 15, 2019.”

This letter also includes that, “an Estimated Closing Date time frame is subject to significant changing due to weather, municipalities, material shortages, etc. When your home is at the drywall stage, I (Kim), will contact you with a date and time for your Homeowner Orientation and Closing. This is usually 30 to 45 days before closing.”

The letter goes on to state that, “another big task you accomplished is your loan approval from FBC Mortgage. With that loan approval we are moving forward with the construction of your home. Your lender has approved your loan based on the current status of your financial, employment and credit ability. Keep in mind a few important things to remember during the construction process: Do not open any new credit accounts; Do not incur additional debt; No change in your current employment status that would affect income; Please be sure to provide your lender with any and all documentation as requested.”

From a home owner’s perspective…

Now, it is January, so I was definitely expecting some weather delays on pouring the concrete footer for my home. We’ve had some not-so-awesome rainy, snowy, icy, cold days here in Owensboro, Kentucky in the past couple of weeks. Pouring concrete in winter months is a tough job due to weather and shortened daylight hours. Concrete can successfully be poured in cold weather! However, concrete should never be poured on frozen ground, snow or ice.

Here is what my home site looked like after the footer was installed:


Our preferred lender, FBC Mortgage, also sent me loan documents to electronically sign the same day that I received Kim’s letter last week. This was a very quick and easy process! Make sure that you read over your loan documents carefully.

After your brand new, Jagoe Home is Production Released, be very careful not to do something that could have a negative affect on your credit score.

This could include the purchase of high-priced items or vacations. Other examples could be purchasing furniture or even a vehicle. Be sure to make all of your current payments on time, especially credit cards. This is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life! It’s very important to keep your credit score in excellent condition throughout the entire construction process as your closing loan officer will administer another soft pull of your credit prior to the closing date.

If you are unsure of a decision that you are making and whether it will affect your credit or not, you can always consult your loan officer!

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