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Phil & Scott

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Our experience has been pretty good.
The fact that the designer/architect worked with my elevation design ideas… Is awesome! We are happy that we are able to have a home that looks so different.

As for suggestions… Color correct lighting in the room that design choices are being made should be an ABSOLUTE must. The color we chose for our gables looks TOTALLY different (outside) than the small sample we approved under the fluorescent lighting. I would never have chosen the color that was installed, if I had thought to look at it outside or if we would have had correct lighting in the room. I have grown to accept the color, but …
And the ice-maker stopped working the second day. We have been in contact with the manufacturer. They sent a new drawer today (nearly a month later). It doesn’t work either. So we have to get back with them. Kind of of a let-down.
Audra and Cody were great to work with. They took good care of us.
and it finally dried enough that our lawn was started being graded. Looking forward to having the sod in.