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Why should an energy efficient home matter to homeowners?

Energy efficient homes help save the environment AND save money!
Having an Energy Smart Jagoe Home is good for the environment AND good the for the homeowner’s bank account.  Drafty doors and windows – along with poor insulation and inefficient heating and cooling systems – lead to energy loss. An energy efficient home provides year-round comfort as well as peace of mind, knowing you have contributed directly to reducing carbon and greenhouse emissions now – and for future generations. Just as importantly, homeowners save money weekly, monthly, annually, and throughout the years of owning a Jagoe Home. Plus Energy efficient homes are worth more and bring a higher resale value than their less-efficient counterparts.

How does Jagoe build homes that are energy efficient from the floor up?

An energy efficient Jagoe Home begins with intelligent design, quality construction, and generations of working to exceed our own standards of excellence. Jagoe Homes is very committed to all the practices it takes to build truly energy efficient homes, and we work closely with RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) to achieve great ratings from that organization.

The lower a home scores on RESNET’S HERS (Home Energy Rating) Index, the more energy efficient it is. A standard new home that’s built to meet the 2006 IECC will score a HERS Index of 100. New Jagoe homes score an average of 62, making them at least 38 percent more efficient than a standard new home and at least 68 percent more efficient than a used home.




What it takes to exceed the Standard:

  • Reduced air leakage within the building envelope by caulking and foaming around windows, top plates, vents, ceiling fixtures, doors, and house-wrap to achieve an air tight home
  • Energy efficient, low-E insulated windows & doors
  • Effective insulation on inside walls (R-15), ceilings (R-38) and conditioned spaces
  • Highly efficient heating (92%+) and cooling (14 SEER+) systems with programmable thermostats
  • Properly insulated and sealed duct work
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Tankless hot water heater & insulated PEX water pipes
  • Fresh air ventilation system and proper ventilation throughout the home
  • Engineered & fully insulated slab foundation system


Compare and SAVE on ENERGY SMART™ Jagoe Homes!
Home TypeExisting HomeNew HomeBrand New Jagoe ENERGY SMART™ Home**
HERS Index130*100*62*
Monthly Utilities$284.00$200.00$170.00
Annual Cost$3,408.00$2,400.00$2,040.00
Annual Savings$ 0$1,008.00$1,368.00

*Based on the US Department of Energy definition of HERS index of 130. This information presented for educational purposes only. Savings are average estimates based on Jagoe Homes’ top five selling plans. Savings will vary based on house type, orientation, house size, utility rates, climate and operations of the home.