Buying vs Renting a Home: Evansville, IN, Louisville & Owensboro, KY
Buying versus Renting

Buying Versus Renting:
Owning a Home is Less Expensive.

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At Jagoe Homes we know that adults in their 20s and 30s are waiting longer to buy their first home. And that many of you want to feel more established before investing in a home. In the meantime, you’re probably renting. Keep reading to learn more about buying versus renting.

Renting is 38% More Expensive. Across the nation, renting is actually about 38 percent more expensive than owning a home!* And while the cost of renting continues to rise, mortgage loan rates remain very low. In addition, home prices in many places – including Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky – still haven’t returned to their higher, pre-recession prices.

All of this means that buying a home – and managing a mortgage – can be affordable for you. But this window may close soon. So NOW is the time to really think about buying versus renting – and to look into purchasing your new home. Jagoe can help.

Reduced Down Payment Options

For those who don’t have proceeds from selling a previously-owned home, pulling together a down payment can be a challenge, we know.

There are many reduced down payment financing options available today, and we’re certain there’s one for you. Your Jagoe New Home Consultant will help you identify a reduced down payment option that can work for you.

Many Price Ranges and Styles

Jagoe builds a range of beautiful new homes beginning around $140,000. And because our homes are so energy efficient, you will save money on energy costs month after month, year after year.**


Talk to a Jagoe New Home Consultant today about buying versus renting – and how you can own a new Jagoe Home that is affordable and perfect for you. Tour any Jagoe model home to see first-hand the quality and style that’s built right your into investment. Browse our site to learn more.

Your dream of owning a home can come true faster than imagined!

*According to Trulia, a real estate search and analysis site.
** The EPA has awarded Jagoe the Energy Star Leadership in Housing award on three separate occasions.