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Build New vs. Used

Why Build A New Home?

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Quality, Value, Peace of Mind

A previously-owned home can be a great value, but it can also come with hidden defects that a standard home inspection won’t reveal: a furnace that has only a few hundred hours of running time left in it, “do it yourself” repairs that shouldn’t have been done, or dry rot in an inaccessible location, for instance.

As well, the vast majority of older homes don’t meet today’s insulation standards, which is money out of your pocket every heating and cooling season. Re-insulating the house’s structure is costly, as is changing out inefficient single-pane windows for more energy-efficient ones.

A new Jagoe Home is built to the highest standards in the industry and with painstaking attention to detail, backed by our full-time service and warranty department. And your Jagoe home will be incredibly energy-efficient; all new Jagoe homes are inspected and tested by a certified RESNET rater, which scores home energy performance.

Jagoe Homes, on average, score 68 on the HERS Index, saving you at least 30 percent annually on your energy bills. So owning a Jagoe ENERGY SMART Home isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for your bank account too!

Speaking of bank accounts, when you work with Jagoe Homes, we can often help you obtain better financing; and, with our innovative techniques and purchasing power, a lower price for your new home than you would pay elsewhere.

With a new Jagoe Home, you get quality, value, and peace of mind.

Jagoe Homes has been building affordable, quality built homes for over 80 years; a new Jagoe Home is your best choice for quality, reliability and affordability. Get the home YOU want and a monthly payment you can afford on your own land or in one of our outstanding residential communities in Evansville, Newburgh, IN and Owensboro, Henderson, Bowling Green, and Louisville, KY areas.

Build New vs. Used