Jagoe Homes Down Payment Assistance: Evansville, IN Louisville, Owensboro, KY
Down Payment Assistance

With Jagoe Homes, Yes You Can!

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Down Payment Assistance

There are many down payment financing options available, and we’re certain that there’s one for you. Ask your Jagoe Home Consultant to help you identify the choices that are right for you; your dream of home ownership can come true faster than you imagined!

Sale of Existing Home

You can fund your down payment using the nets proceed from the sale of your current residence. “Net” means the actual amount you receive after all costs are deducted.

Buy & Save

Buy & SaveBuy & Save is a convenient new plan that helps you save the necessary down payment funds to buy your BRAND NEW, ENERGY SMART Jagoe home. We’ll set a specific schedule that allows you to make weekly or monthly payments so your down payment is fully funded in time to close.

Secondary Financing

A portion of your down payment and/or closing costs can be in the form of a secured loan from a family member. This cannot exceed a combined 100% loan-to-value of the sales price or appraised value, whichever is lower.

Gift Funds

Gift Funds
Your down payment can be partly or wholly funded by an outright gift of cash from a relative, employer, labor union, charitable organization, government agency or public entity.

Sale of Personal Property

Sale of Personal Property
Fund part or all of your down payment with the sales proceeds from any personal property of value other than real estate. A few examples are cars, recreational vehicles, stamps, coins, or baseball card collections.

Collateralized Loans

With proper documentation, you can fund your down payment with loans that are fully secured by any investment accounts or real property you own.

Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds
Government-issued bonds that are valued at original purchase price or the current price can be used to fund your down payment.

Savings Bond Calculator

Stocks and Mutual Funds

Any of these types of investments can be used based when verified by a monthly or quarterly statement provided by your stockbroker or financial institution.

Employer Purchase Guarantee Plans

If your employer guarantees to purchase your previous residence as part of your relocation, any guaranteed net proceeds can be put toward your down payment.

Employer Incentive Guarantee Plans

This involves any incentives by your employer to pay your closing costs, mortgage insurance premium, or any portion of your cash investment.

IRAs, Thrift Savings Plans, 401(k)s, Keogh Accounts

IRAsYou can use funds from these types of investments, usually at 60% of their value. A higher percentage can be used (minus Federal income tax and withdrawal penalties) if proof can be provided.

Reduce your Federal Income Tax with a
Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC).

USDA Rural Housing Program Benefits

Many of our new homes are being built in areas designated as eligible for USDA Rural Housing loans. Qualified buyers can take advantage of 100% financing with a 30-year fixed rate loan.

USDA Rural Development

Veteran Administration Loan

A VA Loan allows military veterans to obtain 100% financing for their new home. VA loans also qualify for a low interest rate.

Kentucky Housing Corporation

Many home buyers in Kentucky will qualify for 100% financing offered by Kentucky Housing Corp.

Kentucky Housing Corporation

Garage and Yard Sales

Clean out your closets! Hold a sale for ANYTHING that’s useless to you or that you just don’t want. Don’t throw anything away, because people will buy just about anything. You’d be surprised. One person’s trash is another’s GOLDMINE!

The Garage Sale Handbook