SureTrade Guaranteed Trade Program - Jagoe Homes: Evansville, IN Louisville, Owensboro, KY

Jagoe Homes SURETRADE Program

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SureTrade ProgramWe’ll Help You Own Your Dream Home

Our goal is to help people own their BRAND-NEW, ENERGY SMART Jagoe dream homes! If your current house is standing in your way, our SURETRADE Guaranteed Trade Program may be right for you.

Here’s how it works: Once you complete the agreement for your BRAND NEW Jagoe Home, your current home will be inspected and appraised at no cost to you. Your home will be listed with a local realtor at a mutually agreed-upon price. If your home doesn’t sell by your new home’s closing date, SURETRADE will purchase it from you.

We guarantee it.

That’s the power of choice, and it’s one of the many benefits of working with Jagoe Homes. We also believe in providing choices in terms of floor plans, designs, and options so that your beautiful, ENERGY SMART Jagoe Home will be uniquely yours!

Let’s not forget about having choices in location. Choose from one of Jagoe’s many communities in Evansville, Newburgh, and Huntingburg in Indiana, and Henderson, Owensboro, Bowling Green and Louisville in Kentucky.

With Jagoe Homes, the choice is yours. And with our SureTrade Guaranteed Trade Program, you can own your dream home. Guaranteed.

*Additional restrictions may apply. Contact a Jagoe New Home Sales Consultant for more details.