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Standard or Craftsman – Which is the best Jagoe Home style for you?

Many of our new customers want to know the difference between a Standard Jagoe Home and a Craftsman Jagoe Home.

Our Online Advisor Team’s most frequently asked question on this topic is – what is the difference in the price? Allow our V.P. of Architecture, Paul DiGiorgio, to elaborate…

  • 9′ ceilings are included in all Craftsman plans.
  • Craftsman ceilings are all flat, while the Standard ceilings have vaulted or cathedral ceilings.
  • Staggered kitchen cabinets are also included in all Craftsman plans. This allows for much taller cabinets, and therefore much more cabinet space. Some homeowners prefer straight-lay cabinets to the staggered, or the increasingly popular 42″ wall cabinets, which are only available with the 9′ ceilings.
  • Windows in a Standard Jagoe Home come with the classic 3′ x 5′ with traditional grill pattern. Craftsman windows have a 4-lite grill pattern and are much larger in size.
  • The exterior of the Standard vs the Craftsman is probably the most obvious difference. Standard exteriors are mostly brick and monotone. Craftsman exteriors offer diversity with a pleasing mixture of siding, brick and stone. Details such as tapered columns and brackets, board and batten and shake siding allow Jagoe Homeowners to play with their own personal style!

A few of our more popular plans offering both styles include the Norwegian, Summit, Cumberland and Patriot. Select a community you would like to build or purchase your new Jagoe Home in, then select the plan and style you desire.

Which do you prefer – Standard or Craftsman?


The Norwegian


The Cumberland


The Summit


The Patriot


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