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2020 Trends in Interior Design

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2020 Trends in Interior Design – Amelia Laster, AKBD

The 2020 International Builders Show (IBS) allowed Jagoe Homes’ Design & Merchandising Manager, Amelia Laster, AKBD, to zero in on 2020 trends. With new Model Homes coming soon, Amelia got an exclusive look on new and fresh ideas in home design.

Amelia’s Top 5, 2020 Trends from IBS:
  • Mixing Neutrals: “It’s not just about gray anymore.” Amelia claims, “you’ll see warmer neutrals mixed with gray.” Neutrals are a calming and easy way to decorate any room. You should choose EITHER a warm or a cool tone, but not both. Warm undertones will be slightly green or yellow, while cool undertones will be a bit pink or blue. Many of our homeowners choose Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams for their interior paint. For a pleasing neutral exterior, many homeowners go with Driftwood or Country Beige by Exterior Portfolio.
    2020 trends
  • Biophilia: Let the outside in! The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Thus, with this 2020 trend, “we will see a lot more plants and organic movement in accent pieces,” says Amelia. Being on top of this trend could be as simple as bringing in a couple house plants, growing your own herbs in your kitchen or selecting a more tropical wallpaper. There are many plants that love the shade, such as ivy, venus fly traps or cacti.
    2020 trends
  • Wallpaper: “We are still seeing a lot of geometric design in wallpapers, but florals are increasing in popularity,” states Amelia on this 2020 Trend. Peel and stick wallpaper is a favorite of hers to use. It’s easy to apply and looks fantastic! Some floral wallpaper may have a larger design, while others are more dainty. Some may be more bold with color, while others are neutral. Wallpaper can be fun and inviting when used correctly and in the right spaces. Target has many options to choose from when you are ready to choose a peel and stick wallpaper.
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  • Patterned Backsplashes: Amelia saw SEVERAL of these on the IBS Show Floor! These patterns can be geometric, organic or a stamped pattern. A simple herringbone can be accomplished with subway tile, or a busier mosaic tile can liven up a space. Some tile may be as elegant and simple as a hexagonal, white tile. Backsplashes that also incorporate some mirror aspects give them a special depth, like this one from Daltile.
    2020 trends
  • Earth Tones: “But not necessarily brown… ” Amelia clarifies. “Blues, greens and clay colors are really popular right now, and can create interesting, earthy tones.” Even deep reds and tans can bring instant coziness to a room, while cool blues and grays can be reminiscent of the outdoors, making a soothing atmosphere. Pairing these earth tones with a neutral creates a wonderful palette. Oranges and greens together also create a more modern feel because of the striking juxtaposition. The Sherwin Williams 2020 Color Mix Palette reflects these earth tones perfectly! Amelia used some tones from this palette in our 2018 Homearama home in Louisville, KY, which you can see in the photo of the living room below. Take a Virtual Tour of our 2018 Homearama home!

2020 trends

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